#GiveBIG to CAGJ for Membership Month

Support CAGJ to support a Just Transition for Food Sovereignty!

Today, May 6th is #GiveBIG! Support CAGJ today by donating and spreading the word. We are so grateful to everyone who already chose CAGJ as the recipient of one of your GiveBIG donations – Thank you!

Help CAGJ Reach our 10K Membership Month Goal

Thanks to UFCW 21 and generous Members, your gift today will be matched!

What does your donation support? CAGJ is in a unique position to respond to the pandemic.

  • Through both AGRA Watch and the Food Justice Project’s Solidarity Campaign partners, CAGJ is connected to leaders on the frontlines across the spectrum of food workers and advocates. We need your support to be able to amplify and connect all of our partners’ calls to action.
  • CAGJ’s Food Justice Project is busy organizing Rise Up! Summer School to develop leaders who understand why, during a pandemic, the movement for Food Sovereignty is needed now more than ever, to cultivate resilient food systems and a Just Transition. Join our next Food Justice Project meeting TUES May 19 via zoom to get involved (RSVP here), or register for Summer School here!

CAGJ’s grassroots fundraising model relies on Members who give us the independence we need to take on powerful corporate and philanthropic actors currently undermining food sovereignty. Thank you for helping us to build power to make another world possible.

You have options!

Thank you!

#VoteforCAGJ #VoteforFoodSovereignty #CAGJMembershipMonth

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