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AGRA Watch is a grassroots, Seattle-based group challenging the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s questionable agricultural programs in Africa, including its Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). The Gates Foundation and AGRA claim to be “pro-poor” and “pro-environment,” but their approach is closely aligned with transnational corporations, such as Monsanto, and foreign policy actors like USAID. They take advantage of food and global climate crises to promote high-tech, market-based, industrial agriculture and generate profits for corporations even while degrading the environment and disempowering farmers. Their programs are a form of philanthrocapitalism based on biopiracy.



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  1. YOU MIGHT ALSO BE INTERESTED IN THIS ONE (circulating in Western Kenya where One Acre Fund is aggressivly targeting poor subsistence farmers. If farmers dont pay back credit given by OAF after harvest their belongings are being confiscated. Many have lost the little they have. This has been confirmed by government officials)

    Betreff: One Acre Fund..OAF

    Just received this from friend. Not sure if it is authentic.
    Friends: If any of you have relatives or friends that are farmers in Western Kenya, listen up. You need to call them right away and find out if they are participating in any One Acre Fund programs. If they are, get them out ASAP, if they are not, tell them never to participate. OAF’s program consists of selling and running field trials of Terminator seeds (seeds which produce sterile seeds in the second generation) or “seeds which bear no children” or “dead seeds” or “infertile seeds”. These are GE seeds designed to prevent farmers from being able to plant from their own harvest, thereby forcing them to buy seeds every planting season. It is solely a profit-making genetic modification at the expense of farmers and the environment, and the people who are eating the food grown from these seeds have no idea. The GE technology to make Terminator seeds is owned by Monsanto which is currently putting pressure on Kenya’s govt to lift the ban on GMOs. Educate as many people as you can that seeds that “bear no children” are unnatural seeds. They are genetically engineered seeds, and nobody knows what the effects are from eating food grown from these seeds. The OAF is running it’s experiments on our farmers, our people, and our environment, and putting our food sovereignty at great risk. Please share to as many people as you can. We need to mobilize action to educate people. Knowledge really is power. Be blessed.

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