Get Involved!

CAGJ is run by our volunteer members and there are many ways to plug in! Here are just a few:

  • Become a Member by signing up to contribute financially and/or with volunteer hours!
  • Attend a meeting, event or action: check out the calendar.
    • Monthly Meetings
  • Volunteer at an event or in the office!
    • Office Volunteer: Currently on hold due to pandemic.
    • SLEE Dinner: Every year CAGJ organizes our SLEE Dinner with the support of dozens of volunteers and interns. It’s a great way to get experience with grassroots fundraising and event-planning! Let us know if you are interested: [email protected]
  • Contact us to talk about specific ways you would like to contribute!


Volunteer directly with one of CAGJ’s projects:
The following are a few examples of ways to get involved, but there are other possibilities too – contact us or attend a meeting to learn more.

Food Justice Project[email protected]

  • Solidarity Campaign Point Person: Act as a liaison with CAGJ’s Solidarity Campaign partners, connecting the Food Justice Project to ongoing mobilization for food sovereignty.
  • Educate for Action Workshop Promoter: Help with outreach, coordinate with workshop hosts, learn to be a co-presenter (not required!)
  • Organize Teach-Outs: Help coordinate, publicize, and do outreach for Teach-Outs by contacting food sites, deciding on locations, doing outreach, etc.
  • Social Media/Blog Coordinator: Collect articles, review and post to CAGJ’s blog and social media outlets (Facebook & Twitter), update events and happenings on CAGJ calendars and website.

Trade Justice[email protected]

  • Trade Justice Organizer: Assist in developing materials to educate CAGJ partner organizations about current trade policy and how it affects food and agriculture.
  • Coalition Coordinator: Coordinate with our partner organizations to mobilize opposition and to support fair trade.
  • Media Tracker: Stay on top of current free trade agreements.

AGRA Watch[email protected]

  • Researcher: Conduct activist research on the agricultural development projects funded by AGRA, the Gates Foundation, and US government and corporations.
  • Media Coordinator: Contact person for media, send press releases for events, catalogue media contacts.
  • Blogger / Social Media Coordinator: Update info and events on website, write blog posts, post regularly to Facebook and Twitter.