Get Involved!

CAGJ volunteers at various tasks: preparing silkscreening, checking in volunteers at an event, preparing decorations, cooking food for an event

CAGJ is run by our volunteer members and there are many ways to plug in! Here are just a few:

  • Become a Member by signing up to contribute financially and/or with volunteer hours!
  • Stay informed about upcoming opportunities!
  • Attend a meeting, event or action: check out the calendar.
    • Monthly Organizing Meetings (MOM): Join us on the 3rd Tuesday of each month for CAGJ’s Monthly Organizing Meeting (MOM)! MOM meetings create space for folks to learn about all of CAGJ’s organizing in one place! Our monthly meetings provide an opportunity to build community, learn about CAGJ’s and our Solidarity Partners’ projects, and contribute to our campaigns and events. It is a space to learn collectively about food system issues through conversations with each other and invited guests, as well as a time to create art, share food/recipes, and create movement joy. Check out the calendar to register for the next monthly meeting!
      • Arrive early at 6:00PM for an orientation to CAGJ. Email us to sign-up!
    • AGRA Watch Meetings – Time varies, email us for specific time
  • Volunteer at an event or in the office!
    • The success of CAGJ depends on our members who volunteer their time, and each one individually adds value to the organization. Volunteers have a stake in the political direction of CAGJ. Volunteers help make decisions about the development of our campaigns. They’re encouraged to step into leadership roles and build their skills by attending trainings. To be a member-led organization means that volunteers’ ideas are put into action. CAGJ’s AGRA Watch campaign, Teach-Outs, and publications of “Our Food, Our Right” are just a few examples of CAGJ’s organizing that were conceived of and continue to be led by CAGJ members and volunteers – you have the power to influence the evolution of CAGJ. There are many different ways to volunteer – contact us today to contribute your time!
    • SLEE Dinner: Every year CAGJ organizes our SLEE Dinner with the support of dozens of volunteers and interns. It’s a great way to get experience with grassroots fundraising and event-planning! Let us know if you are interested: [email protected]
  • Contact us to talk about specific ways you would like to contribute!