Rise Up! School

Rise Up! is a 3-month political education and leadership development program offered by Community Alliance for Global Justice, where we create space to collectively develop tools and analysis to strengthen the global food sovereignty movement.

In 2024, we are co-hosting an 8 week program with Everyone’s Food Sovereignty Alliance (EFSA) under the title “Embracing LOVE in the Food System”.

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Today’s food systems often treat food and its production process as if they are lifeless commodities and resources to be consumed. “Embracing LOVE in the Food System” is an eight-week intensive program to explore how we can root ourselves in the interwoven web of life and engage in each stage of the food system with a little more love.

We believe a thriving community-based local food economy is where we can strive for more loving relationships with land, water, plants, animals, fish, farm workers, food workers, and fisher folk. In addition, a local food economy keeps our money locally and increases our chances of accessing more nutrition-dense healthy food, respecting our food traditions, and addressing the climate crisis. We’ve tailored the materials to be appropriate for all individuals (16+) interested in contributing to a thriving local food economy. 

At the beginning of each week, carefully curated reading materials and videos are introduced online. At the end of the week, participants gather for live, in-person skill building workshops and facilitated conversations. Participants are encouraged to set aside at least two hours for self-paced learning and to attend the gathering every week. 

The course is an opportunity to gain and expand your:

  • knowledge on the connection between global and local food systems 
  • concrete skills to ground food sovereignty in your own daily practices
  • network in the local community for shared interest
  • sense of oneness with Mother Earth

At the end, participants will be ready to take more actions towards building food sovereignty in their own communities, and contributing to a thriving local and global food economy! 

Accessibility: We will do our best to make this program accessible to everyone, as much as our capacity allows. If you need any accommodations, please let us know when you register. 

What to expect each week

Week 1: Introduction to System Changing

Week 2: Power of Story

Week 3: Where Are We and How Did We Get Here?

Week 4: Land, Seeds, Water

Week 5: Labor, Food Processing, Food Policy

Week 6: Transportation, Trade, Globalization

Week 7: Distribution, Retail, Consumption

Week 8: Why a Local Food Economy & How do We Make it Stronger

What are the weekly in-person workshops like?

The in-person workshops are interactive co-learning spaces for the participants. The topics include: connection with Mother Earth, creative seasonal eating, foraging, food preservation, and community engagement skills. The specific contents of each workshop will be determined by the availability of food in each locality at a given time, and subject to change. Come ready to participate in hands-on activities including some cooking, baking, and other creative projects!

Who is offering the workshops?

Spring 2024 programs are co-hosted by Community Alliance for Global Justice (CAGJ in Seattle) and Everyone’s Food Sovereignty Alliance (EFSA in Olympia).

The workshops will be facilitated by Megumi Sugihara, PhD, a founder of EFSA and developer of the “Embracing LOVE in the Food System” program.

Community Alliance for Global Justice was founded in 2001, and is dedicated to strengthening the global food sovereignty movement. For more information, please visit CAGJ.org and FoodSovereignty4Everyone.org

How much does it cost?

No one turned away for lack of funds!

It costs approximately $200 per participant for the organizers to offer this course. Some costs are covered by generous gifts — both financial and in-kind — of individuals and organizations. Participants are asked to contribute what they can on the principle of gift economy. Your contribution is a gift for future participants, program hosts and the local community. Our hope is that you will be able to offer between $50 and $250. However, no amount is too small or too big!

CAGJ will gift all participants a copy of all three editions of “Our Food, Our Right”, CAGJ’s publications celebrating food justice and food sovereignty. 

When is the next course?

April 1 through May 26, 2024 (8 weeks)

In-person workshops (please plan to attend all 8 workshops when possible):

Seattle: Saturdays, 10 am – 12 noon (April 6, 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11, 18, & 25)

Olympia: Sundays, 1 – 3 pm (April 7, 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19, & 26)

Where do we meet for the in-person workshops?

Seattle — Welcome Table Church/CAGJ office (1322 S Bayview St, Seattle WA, on Beacon Hill near light rail)

OlympiaOur Community Kitchen (4419 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia, WA, on Intercity bus lines 45 & 47 )

How do I register?

Register today! Click here. 

Registration deadline – Friday March 29, 2024, 5PM PST


Past Iterations of Summer School:

Flyer for Rise Up! Summer School 2022. Orange and Green theme. In the center, four hands are watering seedlings, and the water is multicolored.

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To Learn More

Please email Heather ([email protected]) if you have any questions.