Educate for Action

Food Justice Curriculum Workshops presented by CAGJ’s Food Justice Project
Learn more about food justice and food sovereignty! Be a part of growing a more just food system!

As of June 2019, CAGJ is not currently offering our workshops! We will update this page when we begin this work again in the future.

Educate for Action workshops inspire participants to take action for food sovereignty and justice. We facilitate fun, informative and participatory activities that build on collective knowledge: we believe everyone has valuable awareness and experiences to share! Workshops are led by volunteer facilitators, who help lead discussions and activities, providing opportunities to learn about the issues and how we can build a better, more just food system for eaters, food producers, workers, and the planet.

Workshop 1: Under Wraps: Shedding Light on Food Systems
food systems imageTo start “changing the food system”, it helps to understand the way food gets to our plates, and what alternative systems might be. This workshop focuses on the global food supply chain, from farm to fork and all the pieces in between. We’ll also look at the economic, social, and political forces that surround and affect how we grow and eat our food. Through activities such as system mapping, and by talking to each other, we’ll look at problems – and solutions!  – within the food system.

Workshop 2: Our Food, Our Right: Food Justice and Food Sovereignty
This worksfarm bill imagehop examines the social movements that are changing our food system. Who are the people fighting the injustices of our food system? How do we build a food system where everyone who wants land can gain access, and   where everyone has access to good food regardless of income? We’ll explore food justice and food sovereignty movements as ways to create stronger local food economies everywhere, and a better food system for all. Storytelling activities engage you in understanding social movements, and envisioning a new way we can grow and eat our food. See examples of food justice and food sovereignty movements, and find out more about how you can get involved to support local and global struggles.

Workshop 3: Hard to Swallow: Racism, Classism and Sexism in the Food System
Delve into race_class_sex imageunderstanding how oppression and privilege affect our food system. Through popular education and reviewing the facts, we’ll unpack how racism, classism, and sexism create an unjust food system, are ingrained in the current way we grow and eat our food, and can manifest themselves in food system “alternatives” as well. We hope you’ll leave with a better understanding of how to support the rights of all people, women, low-income and people of color in being included and empowered in the new food system to create true change.

Workshop 4: Food Democracy:  A Fairer Food & Farm Bill!
This workshoE4A imagep provides a basic understanding of and familiarity with the U.S. Farm Bill and associated issues of hunger and international trade. The Farm Bill is the single most important piece of legislation affecting the U.S. food system, leading to farm consolidation and hurting small-scale family farms, with global ramifications. It deals with everything from corporate subsidies to food stamps, conservation programs, and more. This workshop includes group discussions, as well as devising actions that participants can take to fight for a fairer food and farm bill.

Interested in hosting a workshop? If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us at [email protected], indicating your timeframe, and if you have a preference for one or more of the workshops. They are designed to be adaptable to different timeframes, but a minimum of one and a half hours is preferred. We can mix and match topics and customize workshops to fit your group’s interests and needs. Additionally, each workshop introduces CAGJ’s work, and ways you can take action for food justice.

Workshops are offered on a sliding scale of $25-$150 which goes directly back into CAGJ’s organizing. We will offer free presentations where appropriate.

Want to become an educator for action? New volunteers welcome! Contact us at [email protected].