Food Justice Project

food_justiceThrough community education, political action, anti-oppressive organizing and community-building, the Food Justice Project seeks to challenge and transform the globalized, industrial, corporate-driven food system and promote existing alternatives.

Food Justice Project meetings are 3rd Tuesday of the month, 6:30 - 8:30pm at CAGJ's Office, 606 Maynard Ave S #102, Seattle, WA. Contact for more info.

New to the Food Justice Project?
Volunteer orientations are held from 6pm-6:30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, reight before Food Justice Project (FJP) meetings. Come to learn more about the Food Justice Project, our current campaigns, and ways you can get involved. The 6:30pm FJP meeting directly after gives you an opportunity to meet current organizers and get involved straight away!
Please RSVP to a future orientation by emailing us first at

What we do

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Community-based workshops and "teach-outs" educating people on food justice & sovereignty issues and encouraging people to take action.

"Our Food, Our Right: Recipes for Food Justice" is CAGJ's educational book in two editions, with recipes, how-to, and essays on food politics, justice, and sovereignty. A great teaching resource!

imageSolidarity Campaigns

Mobilizing our members and the public for a fair food system.
Take action to support these campaigns and food sovereignty everywhere!

We organize and support campaigns in solidarity with local family farmers and food producers, farmworkers, for the right to good food, food chain workers, and food justice globally!

Add yourself to the FJP listserv and get meeting & event announcements, and a few food justice resources/articles from around the region and around the world (1-2 posts a week) by clicking here!

Still need to know more? Check out this YouTube video slideshow about Food Justice Project Teach-Outs and CAGJ's publication, "Our Food, Our Right: Recipes for Food Justice"

Recent updates and actions:

Special Appeal: Learning and Growing with CAGJ’s Food Justice Project

Alanna Boynton is CAGJ’s Food Justice Project Co-Chair

Dear CAGJ supporters,

One cloudy Sunday in May, I pulled on my gardening boots and made the trek out to Kamayan Farm in the Snoqualmie Valley. My family and I were attending a Teach-Out hosted by CAGJ, and I was especially excited to visit after hearing the farmer, Ari de Leña, speak at the 2017 SLEE dinner.

Please consider making a generous year-end donation to CAGJ today—your contribution helps us organize free educational opportunities like Teach-Outs for our local community.

After learning from Ari about the challenges that small farmers face, we got to work. Together, we planted hundreds of vegetable and flower seedlings into heavy clay—a type of soil that most farmers and gardeners would find challenging to work with, but from which Ari is able to coax miracles. Following a break for lunch, we continued planting and helped to build a hoop house, then wrapped up with a discussion about food sovereignty.

The Teach-Out at Kamayan Farm was a good example of how CAGJ cultivates “Solidarity in Action.” We come together to learn and grow—not only by analyzing the wider social, political, racial, and economic inequalities in our food system, but also by forming connections with communities affected by these issues and working alongside them. Your donation allows us to continue this important work.

During 2018, my first year as one of CAGJ’s Food Justice Project Co-Chairs, I marched twelve miles in solidarity with farmworkers and our partner organization Community to Community; I learned alongside a group of amazing people during CAGJ’s Rise Up! Summer School; I helped serve dinner at SLEE in September. Oh, and I’ve also taken a lot of meeting notes! All of these experiences have shown me that building a better world begins with small actions—and I’ve been so inspired to see how much we can accomplish when we work together.

As for those flowers we planted that spring day: despite the heavy clay soil and dry summer, they bloomed nevertheless—and everything came full circle when they were incorporated into the beautiful centerpieces at this year’s SLEE dinner.

You don’t have to look far to know that CAGJ’s vital work in advancing food sovereignty, both in our region and on a global scale, is greatly needed. Will you help us reach our end of year goal of 18 new Monthly Sustainers by joining us today?

In solidarity,


P.S. Don’t forget, when you become a new Monthly Sustainer, we have a beautiful gift for you: your choice of either our new T-shirt with artwork by Heather Elder, or our poster with artwork by Nikki McClure!