Who We Are: CAGJ Interns


CAGJ hosts dozens of interns every year. Since 2010 we’ve had over 250 Interns contribute their skills and energy to support our food sovereignty work! If you are interested in an internship with CAGJ, check out our internship descriptions.

We want to thank all of the interns listed below for their hard work and contributions to CAGJ! If you were an intern, and want to be included, please contact us!


Interns are listed with the project that was the focus of their work with CAGJ.

Food Justice Project (FJP)  |  AGRA Watch (AW)  |  Trade Justice  |
|  Strengthening Local Economies Everywhere (SLEE Dinner)  |

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Anushka Nayak: SLEE

Bella Stewart: SLEE

Emma Pascal: AGRA Watch

Jinie Chon: SLEE

Meagan Galacgac: Membership

Megan Hassi: Film Festivals outreach

Nora Woolley: SLEE

Sarah Muniz: AGRA Watch



Ananya Kapoor: SLEE

Elena Wu: SLEE

Emma Pascal: AGRA Watch

Jeremy Shank: Membership

Haley Beebe: SLEE

Katherine Hillesland: FJP, SLEE, Membership

Megan Hassi: Membership Month, Zine Outreach

Nick Smaldone: AGRA Watch

Nicole Condemarin: SLEE

Sarah Muniz: AGRA Watch

Ty Mellish: Zine Outreach



Abby Fico: SLEE

Andrew Wright: AGRA Watch

Ayla Tanurhan: SLEE

Camille Marie Munro: AGRA Watch

Caroline Huang: SLEE, Zine Outreach

Cassie Liang: SLEE, Zine Outreach

Connor Nakamura (20 – 21): Summer School 2021, Zine

Dana Cross: FJP

Emma Wilson (20 – 21): Zine, Summer School 2020, Outreach

Faith Poirier: SLEE

Fotimakhon Ibrokhim: FJP

Gia-Bao Tang: SLEE

Hannah Christofferson (20 – 21): FJP, SLEE, Membership Month

Jordan Cruz: SLEE

Kate Reynolds: SLEE

Kevin Holtz (20 – 21): Membership

Kyra O’Haegher: SLEE

Sophia Kimble (20 – 21): Zine, Outreach

Mariel Papenfus (20 – 21): SLEE, FJP

Sophie Faller: SLEE

Leonie Tang: SLEE, Zine Outreach

Lily Collet: SLEE

Lucas Bryan: Membership Outreach

Marysia Koltonowska (20 – 21): SLEE, Membership Month/FJP

Na Haby Stella Faye (20 – 21): AGRA Watch

Pukhraj Sidhu: Zine

Tia Vontver: SLEE

Tony Hong Loc Ly: SLEE



Anna Sahlin: SLEE

Aisling Wade: SLEE

Aya Wallaia: AGRA Watch

Cat Kelly: SLEE

Clare Kilker: SLEE

Heather Young: SLEE

Jamie Rose Pinilla-O’Dea (19 – 20): Membership Outreach

Lisa Colligan: Summer School, FJP, Membership

Reily Savenetti: SLEE

Sophia Kitay: FJP

Thomas Star: SLEE

Zoë Freeman (19 – 20): Membership Outreach



Becca Fogel: SLEE / AGRA Watch

Emma Wilson: SLEE

Jack Bennett: Office Support

Janis Gaye Jordan: SLEE

Katie Rabus: SLEE

Kidst Tasisa: SLEE

Kylie Jo Waddill: SLEE / AGRA Watch

Lux Milan: SLEE

Morgan Schiebel: Event Support

Noël Hutton: FJP & SLEE Dinner

Raman Kaur: SLEE / AGRA Watch

Samantha Luna: SLEE

Sara Mar: AGRA Watch

Sophia Noel Bianchi: Event Support

Stephanie Markham: Membership Outreach



Carly Baker: SLEE Dinner

Chloe Murphy: FJP

Coral Mercado: SLEE Dinner

Emily Doyle: SLEE Dinner

Evelyn Chen: SLEE Dinner

Isaac Rubenstein: AW

Jack Bennett: SLEE Dinner

Jean Fallow: AW

Kate Hamilton: SLEE Dinner

Khusbu Paresh Shah: SLEE Dinner

Kristina Wright: SLEE Dinner

Rachel Cratsenburg: SLEE Dinner

Stella Matoso: SLEE Dinner

Waley Lin: SLEE Dinner



Janhtria Sapearn

Jeramie Thomas: FJP

Maddie Rosenberg: SLEE Dinner

Sierra Jorgensen: FJP

Sophie Knudson: SLEE Dinner



Coral Mercado: Membership

Malorie Toman: SLEE Dinner

Sarah Herrington: AW



Coral Mercado: Membership

Diana Lloyd-Jones: SLEE Dinner

Emily Chan: SLEE Dinner

Lauren Taylor: SLEE Dinner



Danielle Payne: Membership



Bang Tran: Membership



Andrea Baron: AW

Conor Bronsdon: SLEE Dinner

Irina Tikhonova: SLEE Dinner

Taylor Passmore: SLEE Dinner



Alix Goldstein: AW

Amy Truax: SLEE Dinner



Andrew Green: Farm Bill


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