Invitation: CAGJ July 26 Mid Summer House Party

This is a friend and fund-raiser, for people new to CAGJ. Kids are welcome!  Please RSVP to our facebook page for this event or email us, [email protected]. Friday July 26, 6 – 8pm: Please join hosts Joe Szwaja and Debra Morisson and organizers from Community Alliance for Global Justice to learn why we need to […]

From the Arab Spring to a Global Summer: CAGJ Analysis

By Reid Mukai, CAGJ Co-Chair   In 2011 the world witnessed a surge of protests largely concentrated in Middle Eastern countries suffering from widespread hunger, poverty, unemployment and political corruption. As I noted in an op-ed at that time, though the uprisings may have differences in specific characteristics and regional contexts, they are linked to a […]

Obama’s Covert Trade Deal: New York Times Op-Ed

By LORI WALLACH and BEN BEACHY Published in the New York Times June 2, 2013 Lori Wallach is the director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, where Ben Beachy is the research director. WASHINGTON — THE Obama administration has often stated its commitment to open government. So why is it keeping such tight wraps on […]

Terrorists and Money Junkies: Who’s the Bigger Threat?

By Reid Mukai, CAGJ Co-chair Since April 15, news about the Boston Marathon bombing and the two alleged suspects have dominated corporate-stream media. Despite the heavy coverage, the quality of the information reported was often lacking even by corporate news standards. Seemingly in competition with Twitter, Reddit, and other social media while in a desperate […]

CAGJ statement in support and celebration of La Via Campesina International Day of Peasants’ Struggle

On April 17 1996, in Eldorado dos Carajás, Brazil, state military police massacred peasants involved in the Movement of Landless Rural Workers (MST), killing 19 individuals. At an ensuing protest, military police from two brigades fired tear-gas and live ammunition at 1500 women and men, killing three and wounding 69. Since then, global people’s movement […]

Facing the Threat of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

This op-ed recently appeared in the Vancouver, B.C. Tyee. CAGJ has joined the struggle against the TPP on behalf of farmers and eaters everywhere through our Food Justice Project Solidarity Campaigns. Get involved today and help stop this dangerous new trade deal! By Kristen Beifus, Raul Burbano, and Manuel Pérez-Rocha March 6, 2012 A 16th […]

3/28 Join CAGJ for March Community Meeting & Food Sovereignty Workshop!

Thursday, March 28th, 6:30 – 8:30pm Location: CAGJ’s Office, 606 Maynard Ave S. Rm 102 Seattle WA 98104, in the International District New to CAGJ and curious about CAGJ’s projects, and how to get involved? Already active and want to learn more about CAGJ’s current organizing?  Come to our next Community Meeting and learn more […]

CAGJ joins over 400 Groups to Urge New Direction in the Trans-Pacific Partnership

CAGJ joined members of the WA Fair Trade Coalition and over 400 other organizations (see all signers below) in signing on to this letter to Congress, delivered this week!  Excerpt: “Instead of delegating Congress’ exclusive constitutional authority to “regulate commerce with foreign nations” to the executive branch through the reinstatement of outdated and extreme procedures […]

Join CAGJ’s Steering Committee as Treasurer

CAGJ is seeking to fill a vital role on our Steering Committee – our lead body of organizers.  Time commitment varies from a minimum of 5 hours/month to more when taxes are due. If interested, please send inquiries to CAGJ’s volunteer coordinators – Thank you!  [email protected] Community Alliance for Global Justice Treasurer Job Announcement (Volunteer […]

Breaking the Corporate Trance

Analysis written by Reid Mukai, CAGJ Co-Chair According to a report released on January 21 from World Development Movement, a grassroots group addressing poverty and economic inequality, Goldman Sachs made approximately $400 million in 2012 from speculating on staple foods including corn, wheat and soy. This is great for Goldman Sachs but disastrous for nearly […]