Join the Food Fight! Farm Bill Workshop August 8!

Join the Food Fight! Did you know that there is one federal bill that affects the food you eat, health, renewable energy, farms, the environment, the economy, immigration, and world hunger? It’s called the Farm Bill. And together, we can make it work better for everyone! The day after the SLEE dinner….. Join us for […]

Help move the “Our Food, Our Right” publication forward!

The Food Justice Project’s “Our Food, Our Right” (OFOR) committee is looking for some additional help! “Our Food, Our Right: Recipes for Food Justice” is a CAGJ Food Justice Project publication that combines hands-on tools for change with community recipes and political awareness to engage you in joining in the struggle for food justice! Our […]

US Social Forum Food Sovereignty Declaration

CAGJ members participated in the US Peoples Movement Assembly (PMA) on Food Justice and Sovereignty at the US Social Forum that produced this statement, and we are excited to share it with you today!  It includes the very exciting development of the new US Food Sovereignty Alliance ( a re-working of the former US Food […]

More Reports from Detroit & US Social Forum

Please read more reports from US Social Forum by CAGJ and others below! 1. Report on “Detroit Highlighted: Detroit Black Community Food Security Network / Earthworks Urban Farm”, by Heather Day (below) 2. 2nd report on the US Social Forum by Mark Engler, “Social Forum Moments to Combat Cynicism” (below) 3. Democracy Now interviewed legendary […]

More blog posts from the US Social Forum!

Here are a couple more posts from the US Social Forum – still more to come! 6/25/10, by Reid Mukai, CAGJ Co-Chair Workshops: Social Movement Strategies and Tactics for Rebuilding Local Food Economies Keeping it Real: Embodying Alliance in the Quest for Real Food PMA: Food Sovereignty I got an early start since I carpooled […]

2nd Blog Post from US Social Forum

Here are a couple more posts from the US Social Forum – more to come! Strategies for Building Food Sovereignty -Notes by Heather Day, CAGJ Director Ben Burkett – National Family Farm Coalition Strategies employed by African American farmers.  Farm started as homestead in central 1800’s. Main strategy we use is cooperatives.  Farmers are organized […]

CAGJ blogs from US Social Forum in Detroit!

CAGJ has a large contingent of activists at the US Social Forum in Detroit this week!  The Forum started on Tuesday with an opening march and ceremony. All day workshops and plenaries and music and daily protests and meeting people began in full force Wednesday. Today we send some reflections from our journey, and notes […]

Donate tools to the NEW Howell Collective P-patch!!

The new Howell Collective P-patch is looking forward to a late summer launch in August and are hoping you will help us to prepare.  At this time we are looking for tool donations from those who can’t seem to find those loppers or that scuffle hoe because of the abundance of tools you own or […]

Saturday, June 19 Teach Out! Clean Greens Farm

Teach Out! Engaging our Local Food Cycle Coordinated by the Food Justice Project This month we return to Clean Greens Farm, Duvall, WA
! The Black Dollar Days Task Force developed Clean Greens in response to the under-representation of African Americans among the ranks of those farming in Washington, as well as the lack of foods […]

ACTION ALERT: Say NO to Genetically Engineered Alfalfa!!

From the Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network: Hi Folks, The Network is extremely concerned about the impacts that releasing GE alfalfa (ie. Round Up Ready Alfalfa) would have in this state.  Contamination from RRAlfalfa to organic farms could ruin the organic farming in this state.  International markets do not want genetically engineered alfalfa and would not […]