Find a Factory Farm!

As seen on, Food & Water Watch has released a new tool looking at the location, concentration, and other statistics of U.S. Factory Farms.  They even have a widget you can embed in a website to help push this collection of information out!  The information is search able by State, animal type, and Census […]

New report from SPLC, “Injustice on our Plates”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the foremost research and legal civil rights organizations in the US fighting hate and bigotry, has released a new report highliting the role and injustices against immigrant women in the food industry.  The profiles, put together from interviews with 150 women, and statistics from a broad range of sources, expose the […]

Coverage of AGRA Watch Press Release

On the event of the COP16 UN Climate Change Conference, and the huge demonstrations outside, AGRA Watch has put out a press release along with La Via Campesina North America calling on the Gates Foundation to support real solutions to hunger and climate change.  You can read the whole press release here, and see what other writers […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  From Seattle to Cancun: International Coalition Calls on Gates Foundation for Real Solutions to Hunger and Climate Change December 7th, 2010 Contact: Janae Choquette, AGRA Watch, (425) 218-2213, [email protected] Anne Maina, African Biodiversity Network, (+52) 998 188 7412, [email protected] Seattle, WA – Today as thousands march in Cancun for climate justice, Seattle-based […]

Teach-Out reflection: GroundUP Organics & Creatives4Community

GroundUP Organics Teach-Out: Empowering Youth for a Greener Tomorrow For November’s Teach-out, we visited GroundUP Organics. GroundUP Organics is a flagship program of the larger, city-sponsored program Creatives4Community, or C4C.  Both C4C and GroundUp Organics work to develop and train youth and young-adults in areas of urban ecology, green business and product management, civics and […]

Dec 1 Teach Out! Engaging our Local Food Cycle

Teach Out! Engaging our Local Food Cycle AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN ABOUT AND PARTICIPATE IN A LOCAL COMMUNITY KITCHEN Coordinated by the Food Justice Project of the Community Alliance for Global Justice Last Event of 2010! Rainier Family Community Kitchen Wednesday, December 1st (PLEASE NOTE CHANGED DATE!) 6:30-8:30pm at the Rainier Community Center Many low […]

Teach-Out Nov 13th: GroundUP and Creatives4Community

Engaging our Local Food Cycle LEARN ABOUT AND WORK FOR A LOCAL COMMUNITY FARM Coordinated by the Food Justice Project of the Community Alliance for Global Justice Sixth Event of 2010! GroundUP and Creatives4Community Saturday, November 13, 10am-3pm Please support our commitment to alternative transportation methods by biking, walking or taking pubic transit to this […]

CAGJ Member’s Reflections on 2010 Community Food Security Conference

Aubrey Jenkins: I had the opportunity to visit & volunteer at ‘Our School at Blair Grocery’ – one of the most innovative and inspiring home-schooling/after-school program I have ever heard about. Young farmers started the project interested in teaching sustainable agricultural skills to youth. Surrounded by abandoned homes and properties, a dilapidated grocery store in […]