Resisting Land Grabs in Ghana: A Success Story

By Johanna Lundahl, AGRA Watch Intern In late August Caritas Ghana, a catholic humanitarian organization, along with the National Catholic Secretariat, and the Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development (CIKOD) published a joint report called Unmasking Land Grabs In Ghana; Restoring Livlihoods; Paving the Way for Sustainable Development Goals. The report is an overview … Continue reading “Resisting Land Grabs in Ghana: A Success Story”

CAGJ Seeking Treasurer (Volunteer Position)

CAGJ Treasurer Job Description Posted 8.29.16: CAGJ is seeking to replace our Treasurer, a vital volunteer role in CAGJ that needs to be filled as soon as possible! The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the organization, accountable to the Steering Committee. We ask for a minimum one-year commitment. The purpose of this position […]

Reflection on Hilltop Urban Gardens Teach-Out

By Afrin Sopariwala See more photos from Teach-Out on Facebook here! See HUG’s photos on Facebook here. Hilltop Urban Gardens is a revolutionary space. Located in Tacoma, and founded by Dean Jackson, Hilltop Urban Gardens (HUG) is a community urban garden that provides a healing space and aspires to food sovereignty for residents of the […]

Bill Gates on the “Best Practices” for the Developing World

Pushing Pro-Agribusiness Policy Change by Funding a Pro-Business Ratings System The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation(BMGF) is a major donor to a World Bank affiliate known as Enabling the Business of Agriculture (EBA), a group that rates 40 developing countries on their policies that affect agriculture and agribusiness markets. The Oakland Institute, a partner of […]

Pro-GMO Propaganda Campaign Attacks Greenpeace Over “Golden Rice”

The latest update in an ongoing pro-GMO campaign uses Nobel laureates to claim that Greenpeace is blocking the introduction of genetically modified Golden Rice into the market, while ignoring that globally, groups have criticized the legitimacy and effectiveness of this product. Respected commentators, Claire Robinson and Jonathan Latham, expose the Golden Rice sham and the players behind the […]

AGRA Watch’s February Action at the Gates Foundation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ames Contact: Hannah Dankbar  515-867-1731 Seattle Contact: Heather Day  206-724-2243 Salk Institute Contact: David Schubert  858-453-4100 x1528 Over 57,000 Express Concern with Human Feeding Trials of GMO Bananas Simultaneous demonstrations in Ames and Seattle highlight controversy surrounding Gates Foundation-funded Transgenic Banana Study at Iowa State University Ames, IA and Seattle, WA:  On […]

10/27/15 CAGJ Lecture: CART Notes (Communication Access Realtime Translation)

CART NOTES: Eric Holt‑Gimenez & Jill Mangaliman, Climate, Food & Race: Challenges for the Food Movement, October 27, 2015 NOTE TO READER: This text is being provided in a rough draft format. Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is provided in order to facilitate communication accessibility and may not be a verbatim record of the proceedings. […]