A Good Food Manifesto for America

By Will Allen Founder and Chief Executive Officer Growing Power I am a farmer. While I find that this has come to mean many other things to other people – that I have become also a trainer and teacher, and to some a sort of food philosopher – I do like nothing better than to […]

Ending Bitter Taste of Exploitation in Florida’s Tomato Fields

(A joint press release from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Bon Appétit Management Company)   Putting an End to Tomatoes Tinged with the Bitter Taste of Exploitation   Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Bon Appétit Management Company Build Innovative New Model for Fair Labor Standards in Florida’s Tomato Fields   Bon Appétit Management Company […]

Are CAFOs Linked to the Swine Flu Outbreak?

Are CAFOs Linked to the Swine Flu Outbreak? by Reid Mukai, CAGJ member On April 25th, Tom Philpott of the news site Grist was one of the first American reporters to make a connection between possible links between the widely reported spread of the mutated form of the swine flu virus and CAFOs (Confined Animal […]

9th Annual MAY 1 MARCH & RALLY – March with CAGJ!

Presented by El Comite Pro-Reforma Migratoria Y Justicia Social/The Committee for Immigration Reform and Social Justice 3:30PM Friday March begins @ St. Mary’s Church, 611 20th Ave South, and ends at Occidental Park in Pioneer Square. MARCH WITH CAGJ!! LOOK FOR THE CAGJ BANNER @ 3:30 @ CORNER OF 20TH & JACKSON Because we are […]

Carta abierta al Presidente de los Estados Unidos, Sin Maiz no hay Pais

An Open Letter to the President of the United States from the Without Corn there is no Country National Campaign (Sin Maiz no hay Pais), on the ocassion of Obama’s visit to Mexico. For more information see: www.anec.org.mx Carta abierta al Presidente de los Estados Unidos Nosotros, pueblo de México, también queremos renegociar el TLCAN […]

Witness for Peace and CAGJ Event a Success!

CAGJ recently co-sponsored an event at Seattle’s Labor Temple called “Let Us Eat! Food Security, Trade and Migration in the U.S. and Mexico as NAFTA Turns 15”. Witness for Peace took the lead on organizing this event, which was part of a northwest speaking tour of Baldemar Mendoza, an expert sovereignty and trade agreements from […]

Green Revolution is a bust in India

Two recent stories on NPR point to the limitations of the 1st green revolution, listen to them or read their transcripts in the links below. Green Revolution’ Trapping India’s Farmers In Debt ……The groundwater problem has touched off an economic chain reaction. As the farmers dig deeper to find groundwater, they have to install ever […]