Save the Date! Next Teach Out! October 24th

Next Teach Out! – Saturday October 24th: Visit Clean Greens Farm in Duvall!

Save the date for the next event in our Teach Out! series – more details coming soon! For more information on Clean Greens Farm, click here.

CAGJ’s Food Justice Project invites our members and others to learn about and build connections with key players in the local food region through monthly visits to farms, community kitchens, and community gardens! The site visits will include hands-on work that is needed by or is appropriate to the sites, opportunities to debrief and reflect at the end of the site visit, and calls to action! These visits will allow CAGJ members and supporters to gain a grounded understanding of how these sites work and how they relate to the local food economy. We hope to facilitate the connections between the sites that we visit, and aim for an experience that is mutually beneficial to CAGJ, our members, and the host site. CAGJ hopes to facilitate a place for the voices of our local food producers to be heard and their knowledge and skills to be recognized and celebrated.

For more information and to RSVP, contact Teresa at [email protected]

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