MONDAY 8/24 – 10:30 AM – 1PM

UFCW Local 21, CAGJ & others will be leafleting Whole Foods starting Monday to protest Whole Foods CEO John Mackey’s editorial (see link below) blasting current Health Care Reform efforts. There is a Boycott Whole Foods movement brewing nationally, and it links our values on Health Care Reform to our values about exposing progressive imposters like Whole Foods CEO John Mackey.

This is a Media Event, so your turnout Monday would be greatly appreciated.

WHO:           Local health care activists and labor advocates, led by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 21

WHAT:         Launch of consumer campaign to educate shoppers about Whole Foods CEO’s efforts to undermine health care reform and President Obama. UFCW 21 will be providing educational information to Whole Foods shoppers.

WHEN:         Monday, August 24, 2009:  10:30 am – 1:00 pm

WHERE:       Whole Foods Westlake Store:  2210 Westlake Avenue

Please see John Mackey’s editorial & WA Post Story on Boycott Movement
and join us Monday at 10:30!
Please RSVP to Steve Williamson at 206-276-3345 if you can join us.

Click here for Mackey’s editorial

Click here for WA Post Story on Boycott Movement

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  1. That Mackey cannot make the connection between whole foods and a health care system that serves everyone and makes good nutrition, prevention, etc. a priority is an outrage. I cannot join you for your pickett (I am in Michigan on my way to Florida) I will make the Whole Foods store in Tallahassee aware of my feelings.
    Roberta Christie
    Tallahassee, FL

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