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Announcing Ep4 of Rich Appetites docuseries!

We are SO EXCITED to announce today’s launch of “Science,” the fourth episode in our Rich Appetites docuseries, co-produced with the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA). Watch Episode 4 now!! (10min)

Rich Appetites details how American billionaires and philanthro-capitalists like Bill Gates and his Foundation are underwriting the corporate control of African food systems under the guise of philanthropy. By funding industrial agriculture models, they’re harming small-scale African farmers and exacerbating the impacts of climate change.

This episode focuses on the science behind agroecology, and its proven role in ensuring food security in a rapidly changing climate. However, corporate and philanthrocapitalist control poses serious threats to the integrity of scientific inquiry and is hindering the widespread implementation of accessible, diverse, and effective agroecological practices.

“It’s clear that agroecology and Indigenous foodways are the key to ensuring that our food systems actually enhance people’s human rights. Corporations and mega-philanthropic organizations are trying to undermine the growing evidence that people-led initiatives around agroecology work. This fantastic series shows how agroecology can ensure that our food systems flourish and are more just.” 

– Michael Fakhri, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food

You can watch all the episodes and find more resources and information here.

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