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Rise Up! Summer School July Presentations: Current State of the Global Food System

At the July 2020 session of Summer School we focused on the current state of the global food system. This session featured 3 amazing presentations from members of the Organizing Collective. Enjoy!

Presentation Recordings from the July Session

Length of 3 Presentations – 50m 22s

Presentation #1 – Food Systems and You: A Mini Primer by Mary Purdy

What is the food system? What resources go into that system? What affects or influences it? What makes a food system “sustainable”? Mary Purdy gives a great overview of the current state of the food system and the impact of agribusiness on the climate crisis. Most importantly, you can find ideas of how you can make a positive impact on the food system you’re a part of.

Length – 18m 22s

Presentation #2 (starts 18:31) – Overview of CAGJ’s AGRA Watch Program by Heather Day

Each month of Summer School focuses on a different CAGJ campaign. The focus for July is AGRA Watch, CAGJ’s campaign to challenge the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s role in African agriculture through AGRA, the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa. The Gates Foundation was a founding partner in AGRA. AGRA Watch was launched in 2008 specifically because Seattle is a strategic location for challenging Bill Gates, and in response to our relationships with Kenyan farmers.

Length – 14m 40s

Presentation #3 (starts 33:35) – Crisis Convergence in Globalized Food Systems by Noel Hutton, Lisa Colligan, and Sam Shafer

We are living in a time permeated by crises: from COVID-19, to climate change, to growing corporate power and intensified racial and economic inequality. In this presentation, we hope to show that food justice and food sovereignty work is not separate from these seemingly divergent issues, but through food we can actually come to understand more deeply the intersections and relationships of power and crisis which shape and are shaped by our global food system.

Length – 16m 47s

You can find all the resources from the July session here.

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