SAT NOV 30: Another World is Possible! WTO+20

Community Alliance for Global Justice, UFCW 21 & Town Hall Seattle present

Another World is Possible! WTO+20

How a People’s Uprising Shut-Down the World Trade Organization in ‘99 & Why it Matters for Today’s Movements for Justice

SAT NOV 30, 2019: 10AM – 4PM; Doors open at 9AM

Today in Seattle, and around the world, social movements are taking to the streets, striking, locking down, and engaging in multiple forms of direct action. These tactics build collective power to transform the intersecting crises of our times into opportunities for equity, healing, and sustainability.

In 1919 over 65,000 workers with held their labor during the Seattle General Strike; in 1999 over 50,000 people took to the streets of Seattle, and shut down the World Trade Organization’s conference.

In 2019 we gather to honor this history, and the power of non-violent direct action, through story-telling, trainings, and movement-building workshops, to make another world possible.  Activists who were part of the mobilization will share stories and lessons learned from the people’s movement which made history by successfully preventing the WTO – one of capitalism’s most powerful global institutions – from further consolidating its power.

And we will hear from leaders of today’s movements for justice, from Washington farmworkers to global alliances. Join the WTO+20 gathering for hands-on direct action training, arts workshops, story-telling, and opportunities to plug into local organizing! Let’s inspire action to change the world!

Hosted by Community Alliance for Global Justice, UFCW 21 & Town Hall Seattle

Co-Sponsors: Earth Care not Warfare, Familias Unidas por la Justicia, LELO, Mazaska Talks, Puget Sound Sage, PSARA, Sunrise Movement Seattle, Tools for Change, US Women and Cuba Collaboration, WA Fair Trade Coalition


Email Heather Day ([email protected]) or call 206.405.4600

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About the 1999 WTO Protests

Short Article: 7 Ways the Battle of Seattle Changed the World: Ten years later, the protests of 1999 are still having an impact, by Fran Korten, Yes Magazine

Longer analysis of protests: Black Flag Over Seattle, by Paul de Armond, WA Researcher and political commentator 

Longer analysis including WTO background: WTO Meeting & Protests in Seattle, by Kit Oldham, HistoryLink

Documentary film: This is What Democracy Looks Like, cut from the footage of over 100 media activists; Film website.

Direct action resources:

Beautiful Trouble: Direct Action as Tactic

Why Direct Action? by 350 Seattle

A Manual for a New Era of Direct Action, George Lakey

The Ruckus Action Strategy Guide

About the slogan “Another World is Possible” 

“Another World is Possible” is the primary slogan of the World Social Forum, a process of global convergence founded in Brazil in 2001. Learn more about World Social Forums: Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

About the 1919 Seattle General Strike

UW Seattle General Strike Project 

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