CAGJ is hiring this summer

NFG ImageCAGJ is very excited to announce that we are hiring for 2 positions this summer!

CAGJ is hiring a 20 hour/week Organizing Director, and a 15 hour/week AGRA Watch Organizer.

The primary responsibilities of CAGJ’s Organizing Director are to lead member recruitment and engagement, as well as communications.

AGRA Watch is looking for a dynamic organizer with experience in transnational coordination, writing, and strategic analysis. The core responsibility of the AGRA Watch Organizer will be to move forward the AGRA Watch campaign’s objectives, as collectively defined by the AGRA Watch committee in collaboration with our African partners.

Job descriptions:

CAGJ Organizing Director Job Description

AGRA Watch Organizer Job Description

Qualified candidates may apply for both positions. Deadline to apply: 5pm August 12, 2016.

Please help us spread the word to find the best possible candidates. Thank you!

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