CAGJ participates in US Food Sovereignty Alliance Assembly and Prize in Iowa

Group-AssemblyOn October 12 – 15, 2015 CAGJ’s Director Heather Day and members Ross Kirshenbaum, Jenny McIntosh and Emma Shorr traveled to Iowa to participate in the 3rd national Assembly of the US Food Sovereignty Alliance, and to witness the Food Sovereignty Prize being awarded to the Federation of Southern Cooperatives and Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH), to whom CAGJ had the honor of presenting the prize, along with Community to Community and Grassroots International.

We will hold a Iowa Report-back at our Community Meeting on Thursday Dec. 3. Find out more details about the Community Meeting here.

See photos of the Assembly!

See photos of the Food Sovereignty Prize Ceremony!

Below find a treasure trove of articles published during the week leading up to the Food Sovereignty Prize about the two honorees.  More blog posts to come by CAGJ members!

Black Farmers’ Lives Matter: Defending African-American Land and Agriculture in the Deep South, by Beverly Bell, published October 5, 2015 on Daily Kos.

Defending Afro-Indigenous Land: Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras Wins 2015 U.S. Food Sovereignty Prize, by Beverly Bell, Beverly Bell’s Journal published October 6, 2015 on World Pulse.

Alfredo’s Story: Human Rights Defender Despite Imprisonment, by  by Shannon Duncan Bodwell of Grassroots International on OFRANEH, published October 6, 2015.

Northern Sun News: Food Sovereignty Playlist, Interview with Ben Burkett and Beverly Bell about the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, USFSA and the Food Sovereignty Prize, aired October 8, 2015 on KFAI Radio (interview begins at 2:40).

“Our Lands Are Critical to Our Lives”: Afro-Indigenous Honduras Defend Land and Food Sovereignty, by Beverly Bell, published October 8, 2015 on Daily Kos.

A Different Way to Fight Hunger: Agroecology and the Food Sovereignty Prize, by Bill Ayres, WhyHunger Co-founder and Ambassador, published October 8, 2015 on Huff Post Green.

A Tale of Two Food Prizes, by Eric Holt-Giménez, Speakout, published October 12, 2015 on Truthout.

Black Farmers’ Lives Matter in the United States and around the World, published October 13, 2015 by ActionAid.

Grassroots Struggle for Food Sovereignty and Liberation of Black Cultures, by Alison Meares Cohen, published October 13, 2015 on Ecowatch.

Fighting Racism from the USDA, Black Farmers Gain Power Through Co-ops, by Andrianna Natsoulas and Beverly Bell, published October 13, 2015 on Truthout.

Food Sovereignty Honorees Show ‘There is Another Way to Fight Hunger’, by Deidre Fulton, published October 14, 2015 on Common Dreams.

Black Farmers’ Lives Matter: The significant contribution of Black Farmers in America, by Heather Gray, Federation of Southern Cooperatives, published October 14, 2015.

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