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AGRA Watch’s first film night is Sunday, Feb. 7th, 5 – 8pm at Bobby Righi’s house (please RSVP to [email protected] for directions and address).

About the film: “A Thousand Suns” tells the story of the Gamo Highlands of the African Rift Valley and the unique worldview held by the people of the region. This isolated area has remained remarkably intact both biologically and culturally. It is one of the most densely populated rural regions of Africa yet its people have been farming sustainably for 10,000 years. Shot in Ethiopia, New York and Kenya, the film explores the modern world’s untenable sense of separation from and superiority over nature and how the interconnected worldview of the Gamo people is fundamental in achieving long-term sustainability, both in the region and beyond. Includes an analysis of the Gates Foundation’s involvement in agriculture and AGRA.

Ethiopian food will be served! Donations appreciated.

If you can’t make it to this film night, please check back for finalized film night dates and films. A tentative schedule is here:

Sat. March 13th, 5-8, Heather Day’s house: Faat Kine

Sat. April 3rd, 5-8, Cascade People’s Center: Darwin’s Nightmare

Sat. May 1st, 5-8, Cascade People’s Center: Black Gold

Sat. June 5th, 5-8, Cascade People’s Center: We Feed the World

Sat. July 3rd, 5-8, Cascade People’s Center: Sweet Crude

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