WA Food Policy Forum (Council) passes thru Senate Ag Committee Unanimously!

From the WA Sustainable Food & Farming Network:

Hi Network Members and Friends of Sustainable Agriculture,
Thank you so much for your endorsements, your emails, your calls, your trips to Olympia. They worked!!!!
The Senate Ag and Rural Development Committee unanimously passed SB 6343 this afternoon.  The bill has been slightly modified since introduction. Several additional seats were added to the table to include more farmers, labor, independent grocers and international trade. In addition the name was changed to the Washington Food Policy Forum.  The bill now moves to the Rules Committee and then hopefully to the Senate Floor for a vote later this month.  At this point it is very helpful to make calls to your Senator and make sure they know about the bill and ask them for their support.
If some of you could leave messages thanking the following Senators on the Ag Committee I am sure they would appreciate it! Either call  1-800 562 6000 or email the Senators thanking them for supporting the Washington Food Policy Forum!  

Hatfield, Brian (D) [email protected](360) 786-7636
Ranker, Kevin (D) Vice [email protected](360) 786-7678
Schoesler, Mark (R) [email protected](360) 786-7620
Becker, Randi (R) [email protected] (360) 786-7602
Haugen, Mary Margaret (D) [email protected] (360) 786-7618
Jacobsen, Ken (D) [email protected] (360) 786-7690
Morton, Bob (R) [email protected] (360) 786-7612
Shin, Paull (D) [email protected] (360) 786-7640

We are still collecting farm and organization endorsements for SB6343. Thank you so much to the folks that have already sent in their endorsement. We anticipate a full Senate Vote on this bill later this month and more endorsers will help!  Thanks so much
Ellen Gray
Executive Director
Washington Sustainable Food  &  Farming Network
PO Box 762, Mount Vernon WA. 98273-0762
Phone: (360) 336-9694     Fax: (360) 336-1579
[email protected]     www.wsffn.org

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