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Cultivating Resilient Food Systems in Times of Crisis

Rise Up! Summer School is a free 3-month political education and leadership development program for community members, which offers an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the problems in our food system, while being part of the change we want to see.

Across the world, we are facing a confluence of crises. The COVID-19 outbreak is magnifying racial and economic inequality. Industrial food production is accelerating climate change and increasing global food insecurity. These crises incite political instability and mass human displacement at an unprecedented scale, and now the pandemic is exposing the vulnerability of our globalized food system to collapse. Together, we will delve into why the movement for Food Sovereignty is needed now more than ever, to cultivate resilient food systems and justice for all!

JUNE: Past | Laying Groundwork & Foundations

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Topics: Food Sovereignty, Food Justice, Agroecology, Seed Sovereignty, Decolonization, Racist & genocidal roots of US food system
Highlighted CAGJ Campaign: Solidarity with Farmworkers

JULY: Present | Current State of the Food System

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Topics: Corporate control of the food system, Agribusiness impact on climate crisis, Food workers’ rights and food security in a pandemic, Philanthro-capitalism
Highlighted CAGJ Campaign: Solidarity with the African Food Sovereignty Movement

AUGUST: Future | Paths Forward

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Topics: Just Transition, Climate Justice, Movement-Building
Highlighted CAGJ Campaign: Solidarity with NW tribes in opposition to GE Salmon


Rise Up! Summer School

JUNE: African Food Sovereignty

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JULY: Farmworker Solidarity

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AUGUST: Native Resistance to GE Salmon

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Highlighted CAGJ Campaign: GE Salmon