August Resources

Rise Up! Summer School 2020: Cultivating Resilient Food Systems in Times of Crisis


JUNE: Past/Laying groundwork & Foundations
Topics: Food Sovereignty, Food Justice, Agroecology, Seed Sovereignty, Decolonization, Racist & genocidal roots of US food system
Highlighted CAGJ Campaign: Solidarity with Farmworkers

JULY: Present/Current state of food system
Topics: Corporate control of the food system, Agribusiness impact on climate crisis, Food workers’ rights and food security in a pandemic, Philanthrocapitalism
Highlighted CAGJ Campaign: Solidarity with African food sovereignty movement

AUGUST: Future/Paths Forward
Topics: Just Transition, Climate Justice, Movement-Building, Solidarity, & Diversity of Tactics, Resilience & Healing
Highlighted CAGJ Campaign: Solidarity with NW tribes in opposition to GE Salmon

Overview of August Resources

  • Guiding Questions
  • Foundational
  • Supplemental
  • Engage

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

— Arundhati Roy, 2003 World Social Forum


  • What are some features or principles of a just transition toward food sovereignty? In your most local context? In your city? In your state? In the United States? Internationally?
  • How can you, personally, plug yourself in to the movement building that is already in motion around food sovereignty? Where will you take this knowledge and energy, and how will you allow it to transform you? How will you stay in relationship to people and issues in y/our communities as you seek action and involvement?
  • Where do you see forces for hope, joy, inspiration, imagination, celebration?


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Just Transition & Climate Justice

Movement Building, Solidarity, Diversity of Tactics

Resilience & HealingΒ 

Genetically Engineered Salmon


Just Transition & Climate Justice

Movement Building, Solidarity, Diversity of Tactics

Resilience & Healing

Genetically Engineered Salmon


  • We may have been exposed to homogenous ideas about what activism looks like and who activists are. In reality, transformative social change is all about collaboration and no one has the same exact role to play. Each of us is unique in our strengths, passions, experiences, capacity, temperament, and curiosities. As such, we each have a unique position to take up in order to transform the food system.
  • Take some time for introspection and find yourself in the balance of reciprocity. Think in the context of food systems change and/or movements for justice and healing more generally. Fair warning, if you choose to dive deep, this question can often be difficult for many of us:
    • What do you, uniquely, have to offer this world? What do you have to give? Where are you going to show up? Where can you devote love and care?
    • Where do you need support? What might that support look like? Do you have that support now? If not, where might you begin to find it?
    • Try out this tool for guidance, and respond to the reflection questions if you’d like:
  • Lookup #foodsovereignty on social media. Scroll through the hashtag on twitter, instagram, or another platform, and scope out the conversations being had.
    • Find something beautiful, something which sparks hope for you.
  • Seek out examples of creative forms for taking action. Some resources to get you started:


  • Strengthen the local and global food sovereignty movement with us at CAGJ!