‘Yes, we have no bananas’

CAGJ authors were recently published in Third World Resurgence with an article about the ‘Super Banana’. ‘Yes, we have no bananas’ The drive by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to introduce a genetically engineered ‘super banana’ into the Ugandan market can only be viewed as part of a powerful and coordinated effort to transform […]

Overview of the Sakuma Bros. Farm Berry Boycott

By Christina Leal, CAGJ activist Familias Unidas por la Justicia, an AFL CIO-endorsed member union based in Burlington, Washington, formed in the summer of 2013 in response to racial harassment, wage theft, and other labor malpractices faced by farmworkers at the Sakuma Brothers Farms, Inc. The union has since supported eight strikes and has been […]

Update and Media Round-up: GM Banana Open Letter

In October 2014, participants of the Africa-US Food Sovereignty Strategy Summit committed to working together to contest the development and implementation of the GM Banana. The so called “super banana” was genetically engineered in Australia to contain higher levels of vitamin A for the Ugandan market. Funded by the Gates Foundation, the GM Banana is […]

Book Discussion: This Changes Everything

CAGJ Climate Justice Book Discussion and Potluck TUES January 27, 6 – 9pm Location: Central Co-op Rochdale Room, 19th and Madison. In 2014, CAGJ committed to prioritizing taking action on climate justice. To inspire and inform this work in 2015, we are starting the year with a discussion of Naomi Klein’s new book, This Changes […]

Moving Forward from the Summit- Tackling the GM Banana

CAGJ’s AGRA Watch project hosted the Africa-US Food Sovereignty Strategy Summit in Seattle October 10 – 14, 2014. The four-day meetings brought together a range of grassroots organizations, progressive funders, and international networks working towards food sovereignty in Africa and the United States. And now the real work is beginning! Coming out of the Summit, […]

Another Court Victory for Familias Unidas por La Justicia

The farmworker union Familias Unidas Por la Jusitica has won another court case! The union has been organizing for workers rights and a fair contract at Sakuma Bros. Berry Farm and calling for a Driscoll’s and Sakuma berries boycott until a fair contract is signed. The recent court case forces policy changes around visitors to […]

“Fast Track” for New Corporate Trade Deal Trans-Pacific Partnership Looms

Hundreds of corporate negotiators (like Wal-Mart, Zymogenetics, and Cargill) and government officials are meeting in secret to draft a massive new trade agreement they call the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Skeptics are calling it NAFTA on steroids. The TPP would tear down trade regulations in Pacific rim countries from Vietnam to Chile under an agreement […]

Media Round Up- Africa-U.S. Food Sovereignty Summit

Print/Online African farmers here to challenge Gates’ ‘Green Revolution’ strategy: Western-style model is unsuited to Africa, Activists Say [print title] Critics of Gates’ ag programs bring the battle to Seattle: Leaders of African farm groups will argue Sunday at Town Hall that the foundation’s strategy is a flawed attempt to impose industrial agriculture at the expense […]