Report back from Rio+20 People’s Summit: “If they don’t let us dream, we won’t let them sleep”

By Dean Chahim, UW graduate, founder of Critical Development Forum, CAGJ volunteer who we supported in participating in the Rio+20 Summit with contacts. The official Rio+20 United Nations (UN) Conference on Sustainable Development and the simultaneous People’s Summit for Social and Environmental Justice (Cupula dos Povos para Justicia Social e Ambiental) had a surprising similarity […]

Rio+20: A Success for Multinational Corporations, a Failure for Everyone Else

By Reid Mukai, CAGJ Co-Chair From June 20 to 22, approximately 50,000 delegates and 130 heads of state and ministers from 190 countries gathered for the Rio +20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (also known as the Earth Summit). Unfortunately this massive effort, the largest conference ever organized by the U.N., amounted to very […]

April 17 is International Day of Peasant Struggle!

La Via Campesina, of which CAGJ is a member through the National Family Farm Coalition, calls for April 17 to be commemorated every year as the International Day of Peasant Struggle, to mark the massacre of 19 peasants struggling for land and justice in Brazil in 1996. Every year on that day actions take place […]

FRI March 16 ACTION: Demand that Gates Foundation Sever all Ties to Monsanto

Friday, March 16: A Global Day of Action – Shut Down Monsanto! In Seattle, 11AM – 1PM: Demand that Gates Foundation Sever all Ties to Monsanto Friday March 16 is an international day to bring attention to Monsanto’s countless bad deeds. There are over 1800 actions planned all over the world.    In Seattle we’ll bring […]

Countering Corporate Propaganda About GMOs

Countering Corporate Propaganda About GMOS: an AGRA Watch Resource Many opinions are being put forward about the best way to address food security and food sovereignty for people in Africa. As we have watched extravagant claims about the efficacy of GMO technology for this problem— made by Industry( Monsanto, ADM, Bayer, etc), Government (USDA, US State […]