Take Action for Farmworker Justice in the Tulip Fields!

Action Alert

This action alert was distributed at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival during La Marcha Campesina, organized by Community to Community and Familias Unidas por la Justicia farmworker union.

Welcome to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival! This message is brought to you by the farmworkers that are part of creating the beauty you see around you. 

It’s no secret that the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is a popular destination for families across the state and beyond. Visitors help to build this economic powerhouse for Skagit County–it is reported that the 400k-500k visitors bring approximately $65 million to the local economy in April alone. 🌷🟰💰

But where is the fair share for the workers who live in Skagit County and care for the soil and flowers? 

The majority of farmers pay the minimum wage of $16.82/hr – more than $9 short of the living wage for a single person in WA according to the MIT Living Wage Calculator. The largest growers, who have larger revenues, are restructuring operations to avoid paying overtime pay, deliberately keeping local farmworker families in poverty.

Farm work, especially the growing of these delicate flowers, is skilled labor. Minimum wage does not reflect the expertise and skill that farm workers contribute to flower farm owners, tulip festival visitors, or the local economy.

Farmworkers are human beings that have the same needs, dreams, and hopes for the future of their families as everyone else. The beauty of the flowers is not enough; the rent must be paid and children must be fed.

The 500 acres of tulips in Skagit Valley represent 75% of the US commercial tulip production. 

Farmworkers who grow 75% of a national industry do not deserve poor working conditions, low wages, and inadequate restrooms.

Farmworkers whose labor brings 500,000 visitors to a community deserve compensation commensurate with the revenues of the industry for their contribution.

Take Action

Support the dignity and well-being of the people who grew the flowers! Contact the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival to let them know the community stands behind tulip workers’ struggle: 

  • The tulip festival team needs to include the flower Farmworker Union Familias Unidas por la Justicia in their team (nothing about us without us!)
  • The tulip festival committee and growers need to share profits equitably by hiring and paying local workers wages commensurate with the profits. (WA Bulb had a revenue of $85 million in 2023
  • The tulip festival can and should exert their influence to ensure safe, sanitary, and humane working conditions on participating farms.

Festival Committee Contact information: 

General inquiries: 360 428-5959 [email protected]

Executive Director Nicole Roozen: [email protected]

Tulip Workers’ Demands

🌷⁠We the workers of Washington Bulb Company are human beings with families.

🌷 ⁠We have helped this company become wealthy.

🌷 ⁠We are demanding that they meet with our organizing committee in good faith to improve the existing agreement through the season for 2026

🌷We demand they remove the anti-union Consultant Ermelindo Escobedo!

🌷We demand a full 8 + hours per day same as the H2-A workers!

🌷We demand they lower the number of required flower stems cut from 8500 to receive minimum wage of $16.28 and instead start the piece rate increase at 7000 stems so we can earn the fair wage that we deserve of $32.28 per hour!

🌷⁠We demand that you spend some of the $82 million dollars of revenue to place sanitized porta potties in the fields – remove the outdated, overused wooden outhouses- YA BASTA!! Additionally we need more bathrooms in the fields and more bathrooms for women!

Support the Farmworkers’ struggle for fair wages and working conditions. Contact the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival and let them know you stand in solidarity with farm workers in Skagit County!

Stay connected with the Farmworker Movement! 

www.foodjustice.org | [email protected] | Facebook | Instagram

www.familiasunidasjusticia.com |  Facebook | Instagram

Sign up for regular updates on Tulip Worker organizing at https://foodjustice.ourpowerbase.net/support-tulip-workers

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