WATCH FULL FILM SERIES! Rich Appetites: How Big Philanthropy is Shaping the Future of Food in Africa

At a time when global hunger is on the rise and the pandemic has dramatically impacted global food systems, corporations are gaining even more control over agriculture than ever. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), the largest private charitable foundation in the world, is leading the way in pushing global agricultural development priorities toward industrial and chemical-intensive models–including in Africa, through their investments in the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).

This video series, developed by AGRA Watch and the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, explains why exporting the US agribusiness model to Africa is a grave mistake.

Thank you to our partners who have made Rich Appetites such a success so far! Over the last year, we’ve released all five episodes of this short film series and educated thousands of people on the need to transition away from philanthrocapitalism in agriculture and toward food sovereignty. From the harms of industrial agriculture, to the science behind today’s agriculture systems, to the benefits of agroecology, the complete series offers audiences a comprehensive education on the impact of big philanthropy on our food systems.

With the full series now complete, today we are excited to share the series trailer. This short snapshot (2 min) of Rich Appetites provides a crash-course on this issue and what’s at stake so they can become engaged and learn more.

Watch the Rich Appetites series trailer here!

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  2. Watch #RichAppetites to see how American billionaires are supporting the corporate takeover of African food systems & exacerbating climate change. It’s time to listen to African farmers & support #agroecology @AGRAWatch @cagjseattle @AFSAfrica

With the full series now complete, we invite you to see the full series of short films, and learn more, on the Rich Appetites website, and on Vimeo.

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