Watch CAGJ’s Webinar: Farming for a Hot Planet

Watch CAGJ’s Webinar: Farming for a Hot Planet
Organized for Rise-Up Summer School with AGRA Watch

In response to climate change, powerful individuals and institutions are pushing so-called “climate smart” agriculture, which serves corporate agendas. Yet grassroots movements have already been implementing grounded, people-led solutions to build climate-resilient food systems. In this webinar, we heard from Jennifer Taylor (Lola Farms, Georgia, and Florida A&M University) and Leonida Odongo (Haki Nawiri, Kenya) about the importance of grassroots, agroecological solutions in adapting to climate change, and learned about the practices they’ve used, the successes they’ve had, and their visions and hope for agricultural futures in a changing world.

Watch the recording here.

Rise Up! Summer School is a free, 3-month political education and leadership development program offered by Community Alliance for Global Justice, where we create space to collectively develop tools and analysis to strengthen the global food sovereignty movement. This year, our theme was Future Paradigms: Reimagining our Food System through the Lens of Food Sovereignty. Throughout the three months we met, we will explore the seven pillars of food sovereignty by drawing on the victories and struggles of CAGJ’s partners. This will inform our vision of what alternative food systems look like, and how to get there through collective action.

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