Watch “Money,” 3rd episode in AGRA Watch film series, “Rich Appetites”

Today, AGRA Watch and the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa are launching “Money,” the third episode in our Rich Appetites film series! We are grateful to Mariam Mayet and Daniel Maingi for contributing their viewpoints to the film, and Greenhouse Cartoons for their incredible animation!

The Rich Appetites film series details how American billionaires and philanthro-capitalists like Bill Gates and his Foundation are underwriting the corporate control of African food systems under the guise of philanthropy. By funding industrial agriculture models, they’re harming small-scale African farmers and exacerbating the impacts of climate change.

The third short film in the series, entitled “Money”, explores how and why the Gates Foundation has spent billions remaking African agriculture as a business ripe for new investments, all while cultivating Bill Gates’ global image as a “do-gooder” –– even though his actions are harming African farmers and the planet.

Watch Episode 3 HERE!

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American billionaires are bankrolling corporate control of African agriculture, under the guise of “philanthropy.” Watch Ep3 of #RichAppetites to learn why this is not charity: @AGRAWatch @Afsafrica

African farmers believe in agroecology. Instead, American billionaires are peddling harmful #IndustrialAg approaches like toxic pesticides and GMOs and calling it “philanthropy.” But this isn’t charity.

Watch Ep3 of #RichAppetites: @AGRAWatch @Afsafrica 

In the past 17 yrs,  @GatesFoundation has spent ~$6B on agriculture in developing countries, but most earmarked for Africa has gone to US and European groups. Who really benefits from this #philanthrocapitalism?

Watch Ep3 of #RichAppetites: @AGRAWatch @Afsafrica 


African farmers are demanding local, sustainable agricultural models to feed their families and communities. Yet American billionaires are peddling toxic pesticides and genetically modified seeds and calling it “philanthropy.” This isn’t about charity –– it’s about profit.

Watch Ep3 of #RichAppetites:

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