Virtual SLEE Builds Community! Thank you!

THANK YOU for a beautiful SLEE!

Shannon Tyman ready to prepare Clean Greens kale and Loki salmon for her SLEE guests!

SLEE was beautiful! CAGJ wishes to warmly thank everyone who contributed to making CAGJ’s 14th Annual SLEE and 1st virtual gala a great success! If you missed it, not to worry, you can join the one hour of festivities by clicking here! And below we share links to several delightful pieces of the program, including the Keynote by Chef Tarik Abdullah, CAGJ Highlights Reel and more!

While we measure success in many more ways than simply funds raised, we know everyone wants to know how we did financially, especially given the economic crisis we are facing, so…..SLEE grossed over $23,000, which is only two thousand less than we hoped, and our costs were significantly lower than in past years.

We started organizing in March, right when the pandemic hit, feeling unsure of whether we would be able to host SLEE in-person, and held out hope for several months. We were nervous to have our interns start outreach for Silent Auction items, but decided to go ahead as gently and respectfully as possible (and our community gave generously as always). Going virtual meant whole new systems, and contemplating SLEE without an actual meal; this was hard to imagine, as the delicious organic, locally-sourced and Fair Trade food has always been so central to the experience.

But we adapted, like everyone is doing in myriad ways, and we made it work. It was serendipitous that we invited Chef Tarik Abdullah to give the keynote, since he co-founded Seattle Kitchen Collective, serving free meals to anyone in need. We were able to convert some of the annual food donations for SLEE into donations to the Collective instead! Farmer Direct Organic donated a whole pallet of organic green lentils.

Simone Adler with their Loki salmon and Clean Greens kale


1) In solidarity with Northwest Coast Salish tribes, stop AquaBounty’s attack on our keystone species, wild salmon: BOYCOTT GMO SALMON!

2) Support the new union just formed in Yakima, Trabajadores Unidas por la Justicia, (Workers United for Justice), who are asking us to send a message to Allan Brothers management in support of their union rights. For more information, visit and follow the TUJ Facebook page.



Edgar Franks, Familias Unidas, shows off whole wild salmon delivered to Yakima for the new union members!

While SLEE was reduced from a four hour community feast and celebration to a one hour online event, we strived, and  hopefully succeeded in making it festive and joyful. Huge thanks to the musicians – Sin Fronteras and Erika Lundahl –  who traded their artistry for a wild salmon caught by Loki Fish Co. to share a few gorgeous songs with us!

Thank you Tarik Aabdullah for sharing your wisdom and inspiring us to “create, create, create!”. Tarik explained his vision and dedication to making the world a better place: “What is Feed the People? The goal was to use food as a tool to bridge community…Look at what you can do for your neighborhood, not just once, not just twice, not just three times! Any time you have free time, make time! Make time for your neighborhood, make time for your community, and definitely make time for kids.”

We wish to thank all of our SLEE Sponsors, Community Partners and Silent Auction donors for making SLEE possible. Thank you to our Table Captains and peer-to-peer organizers for helping to get they word out about CAGJ, and bringing new folks into the fold!

Thank you SO MUCH to our hard-working Interns, Volunteers and core organizers who are dedicated to Food Sovereignty and willing to show up, through a pandemic, to keep the work going! Very special thanks to SLEE Coordinator Sara Lavenhar for months of hard work, and her genius husband Lee who made the livestream run so smoothly.

Thank you to our graphic designers Heather Elder and Karly Storms who donate their talents every year! And to our videographers Edward Wolcher and Alden Verdan, without whom the virtual event would have been much less interesting!

Thank you Loki Fish Company & Clean Greens Farm and Market for donating whole wild salmon and kale to our Table Captains and Community Partners to prepare and enjoy the night of SLEE, as well as to Seattle Kitchen Collective!.

And our biggest thanks to YOU, CAGJ’s Members who walk with us on the long road to achieving our vision of food sovereignty for all!


Full 2020 SLEE Gala: Video: 1 hour 10 minutes

Keynote: Tarik Abdullah, “Feed the People: Food, Kids, Community”-  Video: 25 minutes

SLEE Welcome: Chef Travis English prepares Loki Salmon for dinner Video: 1 minute

CAGJ Organizing Highlights: Video: 6 minutes

Take Action – Block Corporate Salmon: Video – 2.5 minutes

Erika Lundahl, who performed these three songs for the closing of SLEE Video: 13 minutes


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