Support the SLEE Dinner!

To help in any of the following ways, please contact this year’s coordinator, Sara Lavenhar: sara(at)

Donate to Silent Auction!

Need some help brainstorming what to donate to the Silent Auction? Here are some ideas:

  • What restaurants do you frequent? Could you get a gift certificate? Would the chef host dinner for 8 at the restaurant? Would the chef come to cook dinner in someone’s home? If they can’t do it, do they have a sous-chef or pastry chef who might do it?
  • Are you a subscriber to, or on the board of, a local entertainment venue? Could you get tickets… behind-the-scenes tour… lunch with the director… a performance at your home…?
  • So you have season tickets? Could you offer up one or more pair? Could you get something special, like an autographed ball?
  • Do you have any vintage or special wines you’d be willing to donate? Do you frequently buy from a vintner who might donate a case?
  • What hobbies do you have that might make a good item? Can you offer a docent tour? A beer-making class? A gourmet cooking class for four couples? A sketch of the donor’s home? Wedding photography?
  • Who do you know that’s fun/interesting to hang out with? Dinner with the local newscaster? An afternoon shopping with a professional buyer? A nature walk with a forest ranger? A day-long shadow with a veterinarian? And don’t forget about lunch or dinner with a Chief of Staff, Symphony Director, Head of School, etc.
  • What access do you have to special experiences? An afternoon on a boat? A signed television script (you know someone who works at the studio)? Chance to be a bat girl at spring training (you’re a season ticket holder and/or know the team owner)? Chance to play hoops with a team member? Free or VIP parking somewhere? Impossible-to-get restaurant reservations? A winery tour and lunch with the vintner?
  • Who do you know who might do something wild and crazy like shave their head or beard, go bungee jumping or wear an opposing team’s colors for the right bid?

Other ideas:

  • Personal services (we can help you come up with social-distancing adaptations!)
  • A unique community experience
  • Cabin get-away
  • Massage
  • Gift certificate
  • Garden kit

The possibilities are endless! The Silent Auction is a central part of SLEE, and your donation will help us create amazing auction packages that anyone would want to bid on.

If you’re ready to donate to the auction, you can use this form.

Be a Table Captain!

Table Captains are vital to bring new people into the work of food sovereignty and one of the most important ways we build our base throughout the year. Fill a table for 10 people, $400 – $1000 sliding scale. Learn more here!

Sponsor SLEE!

Sponsors give a financial or in-kind donation to help make this event happen. You will receive recognition at the dinner, and on our poster, website, and in the printed event program for 300.

Please see this flyer for more information about the benefits for financial or in-kind donations.

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