AGRA Watch Campaign Training: SUN MAY 6, 3-5:30PM

AGRA Watch members with members of the US Food Sovereignty Alliance and Bern Guri, Ghanian activist who came to Seattle in 2016 to receive the Food Sovereignty Prize, protesting outside of the Gates Foundation headquarters.

Location in Seattle TBA

Join AGRA Watch for a workshop on how the Seattle-based Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has a global effect on agriculture. Who decides where the money goes? Who holds these decision makers accountable? Who decides what foods African farmers can grow, how they can grow it, and who can access it? Who should hold the power in local food systems?

In this interactive workshop we will begin to unpack these questions, and orient participants to the AGRA Watch campaign, whose goal is to work in solidarity with African farmers, farmworkers, and organizers. Snacks & refreshments provided!

All are welcome! Register here. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

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