SLEE 2017 was AMAZING! Thank You!

Thank you so much for being a part of the 2017

Strengthening Local Economies Everywhere Dinner!

Attendees at CAGJ’s 11th Annual SLEE dinner tell the World Food Prize and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: “Food Sovereignty is the Solution! Stop the Failing Green Revolution!”

Thank you for joining us in celebrating another year of organizing for food sovereignty and strong local economies. The incredible meal of local, sustainable food, the wonderful music of Seattle Fandango Project, and a totally packed and SOLD-OUT room made for an unforgettable, fun, and delicious evening in community together!

Ari de Leña gives the keynote at SLEE.

It was an honor to hear the inspirational words of Ari de Leña! Watch and share her keynote, “Farming for Cultural and Ecological Resilience” here! (Thank you to Mike McCormick for filming!) Enjoy Sharon Chang’s beautiful photos from the SLEE dinner here.

We are so thrilled to announce that we raised close to $30,000 – including over $6,000 (annually) from new and renewed Monthly Sustainers, an all time record for our food justice dinner! SLEE is critical to CAGJ’s grassroots fundraising model, keeping us accountable to our community and sustaining our capacity to organize through AGRA Watch, our Food Justice Project, and Trade Justice. We look forward to mobilizing with you on the streets, taking action at the Gates Foundation, and building a strong local and transnational food sovereignty movement!

Another chance to get your new CAGJ t-shirt! Unfortunately, our t-shirts arrived too late in the mail for us to unveil them at SLEE. But you can get yours at discount until December 31, order here!

Become a CAGJ Member! In case you missed filling out your membership card at SLEE, becoming a Member is easy to do on our website, just fill out this form! CAGJ is membership-driven and your participation contributes to our growth and collective work toward global justice. Members donate their time and/or money.



Tell Senator Patty Murray: Co-Sponsor the GE Salmon Labeling Act!

If you have not called Senator Murray yet, here is a reminder: Please take a minute to call Sen. Murray today! 206-553-5545.

The GE Salmon Labeling Act Senate Bill 1528 (1) Mandates that genetically-engineered salmon be labeled; (2) Requires third-party independent scientific review of the FDA approval of GE salmon and all other GE fish in the future. Sample script: “I support the right to know about GE and GMO foods and support tribal sovereignty of Native Northwest peoples. I urge you to co-sponsor S.B. 1528 to advocate for food justice and Northwest Tribal and treaty rights.” Learn more about the campaign to stop GE salmon.

Support Grocery Workers: Stop New Seasons!

Many of you took photos at UCFW 21’s booth to participate in the campaign to stop the expansion of Portland-based New Seasons grocery chain because of their gentrification of Seattle and their unfair treatment of workers. If you didn’t get a chance to sign a postcard to New Seasons CEO, you can sign a petition and stay up-to-date on the New Seasons Market Makes Us Sick campaign here. Check out some of the SLEE photos and continue to share the message on social media!

Food Sovereignty is the Solution, Stop the Failing Green Revolution!

Together, we took action to tell the World Food Prize and the Gates Foundation that they need to be paying attention to the movement for food sovereignty! Please share our Facebook post of the banner action on CAGJ and on AGRA Watch. Sample message: @worldfoodprize @gatesfoundation: Support Small Farmers Not Big Ag! #SmallFarmers  #Agroecology  #FoodSovereigntyNow

From the bottom of our hearts, we have so much gratitude for the over 70 volunteers that helped make SLEE possible and for all of you who showed up to support CAGJ. Special thanks to our Sponsors, Community Partners, Silent Auction and Dessert Auction donors, and the many Farm and Food donors – we love you all!

In solidarity,

Heather, Simone, and Andrea


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February 2018

Who Profits from Philanthropy? Join CAGJ for an educational event on alternative, redistributive economies and how charity and philanthropy have become a part of the engine of profit and control.

Spring 2018

Premier of Salmon People: The Risks of Genetically Engineered Fish for the Northwest, our film co-produced with Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project and New Canoe Media.

Teach-Out at Kamayan Farm with SLEE Keynote Ari de Leña.

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