April is CAGJ Membership Month

Food Sovereignty is an act of resilience

Watch our 1 minute video about why giving to CAGJ promotes food sovereignty! 

Each April, CAGJ rallies our base of support through Membership Month. We ask our community to pledge money or time to support CAGJ as a way to engage in the exciting work we have ahead. This year, we have a matching fund campaign to make your membership gift to CAGJ go twice as far! Please donate now to double your gift.

CAGJ is committed to organizing for food sovereignty as an act of resilience in this politically tumultuous moment. Our work acknowledges that this global movement was built from grassroots resistance to an exploitative model of market-based industrial agriculture – and that small farmers, food producers, and activists have led the struggle for a more just, equitable, and democratized global food system. Please donate to CAGJ today to keep these grassroots efforts going!

2017 is shaping up to be a year of strategizing!

We are deeply engaged in campaign development across our work areas:

  • AGRA Watch is consulting with our African partners on how to best support agroecological alternatives to corporate, biotech-driven agriculture. Meanwhile, we are collaborating with our colleagues in South Africa, who will host fifteen US farmers and farmworkers this fall.
  • We are supporting the US Food Sovereignty Alliance in a shift to a regional structure, and will gather as the Western region in May.
  • The Food Justice Project will produce our first-ever short film with Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project about Northwest tribal resistance to GE salmon.
  • In June we are launching Rise Up! CAGJ Summer School to explore local and global food sovereignty issues and social movements!

$7,000 Goal for transnational and local food sovereignty resilience:

Your gift will help us:

  • Send AGRA Watch leaders to Africa, to meet with our partners on the ground, and strengthen our joint campaigns.
  • Document farmers’ stories during the Agroecology Exchange.
  • Hire an AGRA Watch Researcher to document the Gates Foundation’s web of influence.
  • Increase the leadership capacity of CAGJ by increasing Heather to full-time.
  • Widely distribute our new film on GE salmon, produced by New Canoe Media.
  • Pass a State Resolution in WA that opposes the FDA’s approval of GE salmon.

$3,500 Matching Grant: For the second year in a row, we are grateful to announce a generous matching grant from UFCW 21 and anonymous CAGJ donors! All donations up to $3500 through Give Big on May 10 will be matched, dollar for dollar, so please donate today to ensure CAGJ can continue our transnational organizing for food sovereignty.

Sign-Up to be a Monthly Sustainer, or Increase! Sustaining Members agree to have funds automatically deducted from their account every month, allowing CAGJ peace of mind, and more time to focus on organizing. Please consider becoming a Sustaining Member today (click on “I want to contribute this amount every month”)! Or make a one-time contribution of $15, $50, $125, or whatever you can give.

Grassroots-Funded: 60% of CAGJ’s budget is fueled by our Members! This means CAGJ is accountable to our partners, and grounded in our community. If you can’t donate funds at this time, but can pledge to participate in CAGJ over the next year – with your money and/or time! – sign up to become a Member!

We have many ways to plug into our organizing and educational work and truly value your participation. Thank you for helping to strengthen CAGJ!

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