5 Food System Lessons the U.S. Can Learn from Africa

Yonas Yimer, Communications Officer for the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, highlights lessons that the United States can take from current, localized agricultural practices in Africa, where farmers are resisting the corporate-driven push for industrialized agriculture.

Food And Hunger: Which Prize Takes The Prize?

CAGJ and Community to Community are co-hosting the 2016 Food Sovereignty Prize, working closely with US Food Sovereignty Alliance members across the country, including WhyHunger, whose co-founder authored this piece on the fundamental differences between the World Food Prize, and the Food Sovereignty Prize.

SAT Oct 15: Food Sovereignty Prize Award Ceremony at Town Hall

Food Sovereignty Prize Award Ceremony SAT Oct 15: 5:30 Doors Open, 6:00 Ceremony, 7:30 Reception Location: Town Hall Seattle (Downstairs), Eighth & Seneca, Seattle, WA 98101. This event is FREE; Donations gladly accepted at the door….

Agroecology vs. Industrial Agriculture

If you aren’t familiar with agroecology, this infographic is a great introduction.

AGRA Watch Supports The Monsanto Tribunal

AGRA Watch/CAGJ is proud to support the Monsanto Tribunal as a Civil Society Organization. this. The Monsanto Tribunal, to take place October 14-18, at The Hague, Netherlands, is an international civil society initiative that aims to hold Monsanto accountable for any human rights violations, crimes against humanity, and ecocide that the corporation has committed. Monsanto’s … Continue reading “AGRA Watch Supports The Monsanto Tribunal”

Anchor Farm Project: The Clinton Foundation’s Link to AGRA/BMGF

In light of the recent media spotlight on the Clinton Foundation, AGRA Watch investigated the relationship among the Clinton Foundation, AGRA, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

Anchor Farm Project: The Clinton Foundation’s Link to AGRA/BMGF

By Cate Abascal, AGRA Watch Intern, September 2015; Updated by Megumi Sugihara, AGRA Watch Member, September 2016 Anchor Farm Project is a commercial agriculture program designed initially for the farmers in Malawi.[1] It has been developed…

Resisting Land Grabs in Ghana: A Success Story

By Johanna Lundahl, AGRA Watch Intern In late August Caritas Ghana, a catholic humanitarian organization, along with the National Catholic Secretariat, and the Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development (CIKOD) published a joint report called Unmasking Land Grabs In Ghana; Restoring Livlihoods; Paving the Way for Sustainable Development Goals. The report is an overview … Continue reading “Resisting Land Grabs in Ghana: A Success Story”

Trade Deals like the TPP Further Criminalize Farmer Seed Saving, Legalize Corporate Theft

By Johanna Lundahl, AGRA Watch Intern Grain, an international non-profit focused on supporting small farmers, and community controlled food systems, provided an update on the free trade agreements that affect farmer’s rights to save and plant seeds of their choosing, in a piece called New Trade Deals Legalize Corporate Theft, Make farmer’s Seeds Illegal. The … Continue reading “Trade Deals like the TPP Further Criminalize Farmer Seed Saving, Legalize Corporate Theft”

Thurs 9/29 CAGJ Community Meeting

6:30 – 8:30PM CAGJ Community Meeting: Come learn about CAGJ! Location: University Christian Church (same place as CAGJ’s annual SLEE Dinner) – 4731 15th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105. Food will be provided, and all are…