New CAGJ Webinar: “Linking Food Justice to Trade Policy”

Community Alliance for Global Justice is excited to announce a new trade justice resource! TPPequals

Webinar: “Linking Food Justice to Trade Policy”
A 30 min. webinar (on you-tube) about how food justice and food sovereignty are threatened by new (so-called) free-trade agreements,  the TPP/Trans-Pacific Partnership, and TTIP/Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

-About Food Sovereignty & Fair Trade, What is Fair about Free Trade? What is Fast Track?
-Corporate Influence on Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), Impacts of NAFTA on Mexico, FTAs and the Domestic Economy, Currently proposed Trade Agreements

How our Food System would be impacted by the TPP and TTIP:
-TTIP and Food Policy
-FTAs Allow Corporations to Sue Governments
-Attacks on Public Health
-Threats to Food Safety
-Something is Fishy about Seafood Imports
-Imported Produce and Food Safety Risks
-Intellectual Property Laws and the Corporate Seed Market
-Gambling the Global Food Supply on GMO Seeds

CAGJ wishes to thank 2015 Intern Jordan Beaudry for developing this webinar!
For more information, email us.

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