Jan 22 Teach Out! Central Co-op!

Teach Out! Engaging our Local Food Cycle
Coordinated by the Food Justice Project of the Community Alliance for Global Justice

First Event of 2011! Central Co-op

Saturday, January 22nd, 10am-2pm

CAGJ’s Food Justice Project invites you to join us in visiting Central Co-op, who has made CAGJ a Community Partner for the past couple of years! Can your cooperative grocery store be an agent and an ally in the struggle for food justice? Come to learn about what Central Co-op does to promote access to land and food, and fair lives for those who do food work. Join Central Co-op and the CAGJ Food Justice Project to help us think about our cooperative purpose, mission, vision and values, through a food justice lens.

CAGJ’s Food Justice Project invites our members and others to learn about and build connections with key players in the local food region through monthly visits to farms, community kitchens, and community gardens! The site visits will include hands-on work that is needed by or is appropriate to the sites, opportunities to debrief and reflect at the end of the site visit, and calls to action! Through these visits, CAGJ hopes to facilitate a place for the voices of our local food producers to be heard and their knowledge and skills to be recognized and celebrated.

**To RSVP, please email Molly at [email protected]. We will send you directions and details upon receiving your RSVP. All activities will be appropriate for children and we can work out disability accommodations if needed.

Please support our commitment to alternative transportation methods by biking, walking or taking public transit to this event!

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