Coverage of AGRA Watch Press Release

On the event of the COP16 UN Climate Change Conference, and the huge demonstrations outside, AGRA Watch has put out a press release along with La Via Campesina North America calling on the Gates Foundation to support real solutions to hunger and climate change.  You can read the whole press release here, and see what other writers were saying about it below!

Seattle-led coalition tells Gates Foundation to change approach: Seattle Times’ Business of Giving Blog, (Dec. 8th, 2010)

Local activists challenge Gates Foundation’s agricultural development strategy: KPLU’s Humanosphere (Dec. 7th, 2010)

Press Release on Ethiopian Review (Dec. 7th, 2010)

Two of Seattle’s bravest journalists report on the petition questioning AGRA: GatesKeepers Blog (Dec. 10th, 2010)

Large Group of Pissed-off Activists Send Letter to Gates Foundation: La Vida Locavore (Dec. 9th, 2010)

Sign-on Letter to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Pambazuka News (Dec. 7th, 2010)

Q&A Phil Bereano on genetic engineering in agriculture: Seattle Times (Dec. 8th, 2010)

The battle against bad farming Part 1: Seattle group, led by younger activists, stands up to Gates, Monsanto: Down to Earth NW, (Dec. 23rd, 2010)

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