Press Coverage of WTO Protests 10 Years Later

Though the mainstream Seattle media focused on mostly on confrontations, tear gas, and “where were you?” person-on-the-street reminiscing, some outlets took the 10 year anniversary of the WTO protests in Seattle as a point to look at the future, what’s happened since, and where we go from here.  Below are just a few articles and pieces that caught our eye (beyond the uncharacteristic appearance of the phrase “WTO Protesters were right” on the Seattle Times business page)


Seattle WTO Anniversary Today, 11/28/2009 on Q13 Fox – Featuring interviews with People’s Summit organizers and CAGJ members!


KBCS 91.3 is offering a full week of WTO & People’s Summit programming, from Monday, 11/30 – Friday, 12/4

KBCS – N30: It Still Matters: November 30th, 1999 brought with it one of the largest global justice protests in the U.S. Now ten years later, what happened? In this series we ask participants and organizers where we have come since 1999. Produced by award-winning journalist Jill Freidberg who also co-directed the independent documentary about the WTO protests, This Is What Democracy Looks Like.

WTO in Seattle ten years later,”  a series of stories by KPLU 88.5

The WTO Protests: 10 Years Later, on KUOW with Naomi Klein, Paul Schell, David Solnit, and more, 11/23/2009


The “Special WTO Edition“, Eat the State, 11/26/09

“WTO Anniversary, Part 1″ & “WTO Anniversary, Part 2″, Real Change, 11/25/09

WTO – 10 Years Later, Don McIntosh with NW Labor Press, 11/20/2009

Change and Pains: 10 years after the No WTO Combo, Krist Novoselic on Seattle Weekly’s Blog, 12/1/2009


The Battle of Seattle Ten Years Later: Organizers Reflect on 1999 Shutdown of WTO Talks and the Birth of a Movement, Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!

Ten Years After Seattle – The Global Justice Movement Evolves, by Christopher Moraff with In These Times, 10/19/2009

10 Years After: Labor Needs Spirit of Seattle Protests, Roger Bybee with In These Times’ “Working in America” Blog, 11/17/2009

The Seattle activists’ coming of age in Copenhagen will be very disobedient“, by Naomi Klein, 11/12/2009

Ten years after Battle in Seattle: Another World is Necessary, by John Nichols on the Nation’s Blog, 11/30/2009

Finding WTO significance beyond the protests, by Stephen Dunphy,, 11/30/2009

From Seattle to Detroit: 10 Lessons for Movement Building on the 10th Anniversary of the WTO Shutdown, By Stephanie Guilloud; An article written for the Project South Fall Newsletter

The Meaning of Seattle: Truth Only Becomes True Through Action – WTO+10: Before 1999, the momentum of globalization seemed to sweep everything in front of it, including the truth. But in Seattle, ordinary women and men made truth real with collective action. By Walden Bello

The “Battle in Seattle” at 10 – WTO+10: Did the 1999 protests against the World Trade Organization actually make a difference? By Mark Engler

The World Turned Out in Seattle – WTO+10: Ten years later, what has been the legacy of the 1999 Seattle protests? By Anuradha Mittal

The Battle for Reality. What really happened at the 1999 WTO demonstrations in Seattle? On television, it looked like vandalism and random violence. On the streets, it looked like part festival, part uprising, part police riot. Now there’s a movie version. Activist and author David Solnit was there—organizing in the streets and speaking up on the set. By David Solnit

One More Thing Seattle’s WTO Shutdown Taught the World – Among the many ripple effects of the successful shutdown of the WTO in Seattle in 1999 is one that few know about. The organizing that went into the direct action, marches, media center, and forums inspired the organizers of the World Social Forums, which have become some of the world’s most important centers of people power. By Sarah van Gelder
The WTO and the Myth of Activist Violence. From the Boston Tea Party perpetrators to Civil Rights activists, the people who have made our world through direct action have been treated as dangerous, even if they are revered when their radical acts are at a safe distance. By Rebecca Solnit

Seattle + 10. Time to declare our independence from Wall Street. By David Korten, Yes! Magazine.

The Battle Since Seattle: The Road to Pittsburgh and Beyond, by Paul J. Comeau and Wes Strong for Infoshop News, 12/08/09

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