CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! – Our Food, Our Right: Recipes for Food Justice

We are still looking for more people to contribute to the Food Justice Project’s activist guide and recipe book! Our Food, Our Right is a community recipe book and activist resource guide that that promotes self-sufficiency and knowledge sharing, through a food sovereignty framework. The guide seeks to increase access to information on issues such as container gardening, starting a community garden, composting, local farmer and farmworker profiles, immigrant worker’s issues, fair and direct trade, local food politics, and more.
What are we looking for? Articles on food justice/DIY ideas/local food issues/and more, recipes, art submissions, poems, creative writing pieces, and anything else you want to share!
Here are some topics that still could be covered (or feel free to come up with something else!)

Dumpster diving
How to start a buyer’s co-op & list of existing co-ops 
Stories of Change: good examples from Havana, Cuba, Belo Horizante, Brazil, Brooklyn
How to start a community garden
How to plan a community meeting
Sustainable seafood guide
A look at the food bank system (how can we improve them, recipes using food bank foods)
List of cookbooks focused on seasonal eating 
How to make a living as a small organic farmer
Wild crafting
Food Not Bombs – General info/how to start a FNB group
How to choose cheaper meat and fish cuts
Seed saving/joining seed savers/how to save your own
Washington Food Systems Directory information
Gleaning maps for nuts, fruit, etc around the city

If you would like to contribute an article on another topic, please contact us with your idea! Feel free to email any submissions, recipes, questions, or suggestions to [email protected]
The guide will be ready for sale by the end of November to coincide with CAGJ’s organizing around the anniversary of the WTO protests in Seattle. That means…the deadline for any submission to the guide is October 1st! Due to space restrictions, we have also decided on a 1-2 page (8.5×11, single spaced) limit for submissions. This is definitely open to some wiggle room, as some topics might need a bit more space and others less, but this is a general guideline.
Thanks so much for your support of this project, we welcome any feedback or suggestions!
Maria Rodriguez and Laura Brady
Food Justice Project Co-Coordinators

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