Response to Paul Collier in Foreign Affairs

In a recent article in Foreign Affairs, Paul Collier advocates “slaying three giants” to end the food crisis “peasant agriculture, fear of scientific agriculture and the myth of biofuels to overcome US oil dependence.”  CAGJ member William Aal, our recent guest Carol Thompson of Northern Arizona University and Lucy Jarosz of UW have written a response to his arguments.   click here for the full text and here for the collier article that prompted our response!  The letter has attracted immediate attention and will be published in several Journals and web sites.

From the letter:
Food is a human right, not a corporate commodity for speculation. Mother Nature does not operate on a board-room quarterly profit margin. But food production can be very profitable, sustainable…and feed all of us. It is just not capable of feeding the “giants” of Wall Street or the City of London; it is those giants’ interference with food production that needs slaying, because food produced mainly to feed corporate profit will lead to further food crises, not less.”

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