Statement of Africa-US Food Sovereignty Strategy Summit

On Oct 10-14, 2014 Community Alliance for Global Justice/AGRA Watch invited African leaders from six nations representing regional and continent-wide networks to Seattle to meet with leaders from over a dozen US organizations as part of the Africa-US Food Sovereignty Strategy Summit. The aim of the Summit was to promote farmer-led solutions to hunger and […]

Africa-US Food Sovereignty Strategy Summit in the News

Crosscut recently published an article discussing The Gates Foundation’s support of AGRA. Daniel Maingi, Kenyan food activist, Director of Growth Partners Africa, and one of the many participants in this weekend’s Africa-US Food Sovereignty Strategy Summit, was featured in the piece, voicing his concerns about the new green revolution in Africa. Maingi notes that AGRA […]

Socioeconomic Considerations and the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is a multilateral treaty, which addresses issues involving the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its components, and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits that arise from the use of genetic resources. It entered into force in 1993. Included in its text is provision 19-3, which states […]

Vandana Shiva and The New Yorker

The New Yorker recently published an article entitled “Seeds of Doubt,” written by Michael Specter, which attempts to debunk Vandana Shiva’s stance on the use of GM seeds. Shiva is outspoken in her claims that the use of GM seed increases farmer debt and environmental degradation, and contributes to poverty, hunger, and suicide. In responding […]