Pro-GMO Propaganda Campaign Attacks Greenpeace Over “Golden Rice”

The latest update in an ongoing pro-GMO campaign uses Nobel laureates to claim that Greenpeace is blocking the introduction of genetically modified Golden Rice into the market, while ignoring that globally, groups have criticized the legitimacy and effectiveness of this product. Respected commentators, Claire Robinson and Jonathan Latham, expose the Golden Rice sham and the players behind the […]

AGRA Watch Action Report: Petition signed by over 57,000 delivered to Gates Foundation and ISU

February 15, 2016: Petition calling for halt of GMO banana human trials delivered to Gates Foundation and Iowa State University Photos -See professional photographer Jonathan Lee’s photos on Facebook here. -See CAGJ’s photos on Facebook here. Delivering over 57,000 signatures gathered through CREDO Action’s online petition, AGRA Watch and Iowa State University graduate students had […]

AGRA Watch’s February Action at the Gates Foundation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ames Contact: Hannah Dankbar  515-867-1731 Seattle Contact: Heather Day  206-724-2243 Salk Institute Contact: David Schubert  858-453-4100 x1528 Over 57,000 Express Concern with Human Feeding Trials of GMO Bananas Simultaneous demonstrations in Ames and Seattle highlight controversy surrounding Gates Foundation-funded Transgenic Banana Study at Iowa State University Ames, IA and Seattle, WA:  On […]

“Dangers of the Gates Foundation: Displacing Seeds and Farmers”

Last month, Other Worlds, an organization that promotes economic and environmental justice, published the second article of their seven part series on African seed and food sovereignty. The article, titled “Dangers of the Gates Foundation: Displacing Seeds and Farmers,” features information gathered from the founder and director of the African Centre for Biodiversity, and AGRA […]

Part 1 of Other Worlds’ Seven Part Series on African Seed and Food Sovereignty: We Are the Solution

Earlier this month, Other Worlds, an organization that promotes economic justice, environmentally sound systems, and meaningful democracy, published the first article of their seven part series on African seed and food sovereignty. The article, “We Are the Solution: African Women Organize for Land and Seed Sovereignty,” features information gathered during an interview with Mariama Sonko, […]

AFSA Calls on African Governments to Embrace Agroecology

At the US Food Sovereignty Alliance Assembly earlier this month, CAGJ activists were inspired by stories of how agroecology is essential for a community to achieve food sovereignty. Jesus Vázquez of Organisation Boricua said, “Food Sovereignty without agroecology is just a slogan, agroecology without food sovereignty is just a science,” speaking of the interconnected nature […]

Juma and Monsanto

Earlier this month, the Boston Globe published a piece that discussed the connection between Harvard Kennedy School professor, Calestous Juma, and the agrichemical giant, Monsanto. In 2013, Juma, who was a former head of the Cartagena biosafety negotiations and is an outspoken supporter of the use of GMOs in international development, received emails from Monsanto, […]

“Seedy Business”

In a recent report titled “Seedy Business: What Big Food is hiding with its slick PR campaign on GMOs,” Gary Ruskin, Executive Director of the U.S Right to Know, an organization that works to expose the failures of the corporate food system, outlined 15 things that Big Food is trying to hide from the public. […]

PRESS RELEASE: Black US Farmers, Honduran Afro-Indigenous Share Food Sovereignty Prize

​FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Des Moines, Iowa, United States – September 1, 2015 Black US Farmers, Honduran Afro-Indigenous Share Food Sovereignty Prize In this moment when it is vital to assert that Black lives matter, the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance honors Black and Afro-Indigenous farmers, fishermen, and stewards of ancestral lands and water. We especially commemorate […]

USAID Lobbying for Agribusiness

Food Sovereignty Ghana, recently published a press release outlining its concerns with a recent action of USAID that will likely deceive citizens of the developing world. This organization of Ghanaian activists reveals that USAID’s workshop, “International Biosafety Short Course for Policy and Decision Makers in Ghana and Nigeria,” which was offered at the end of July, had […]