More blog posts from the US Social Forum!

Here are a couple more posts from the US Social Forum – still more to come! 6/25/10, by Reid Mukai, CAGJ Co-Chair Workshops: Social Movement Strategies and Tactics for Rebuilding Local Food Economies Keeping it Real: Embodying Alliance in the Quest for Real Food PMA: Food Sovereignty I got an early start since I carpooled […]

2nd Blog Post from US Social Forum

Here are a couple more posts from the US Social Forum – more to come! Strategies for Building Food Sovereignty -Notes by Heather Day, CAGJ Director Ben Burkett – National Family Farm Coalition Strategies employed by African American farmers.  Farm started as homestead in central 1800’s. Main strategy we use is cooperatives.  Farmers are organized […]

CAGJ blogs from US Social Forum in Detroit!

CAGJ has a large contingent of activists at the US Social Forum in Detroit this week!  The Forum started on Tuesday with an opening march and ceremony. All day workshops and plenaries and music and daily protests and meeting people began in full force Wednesday. Today we send some reflections from our journey, and notes […]

ACTION ALERT: Say NO to Genetically Engineered Alfalfa!!

From the Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network: Hi Folks, The Network is extremely concerned about the impacts that releasing GE alfalfa (ie. Round Up Ready Alfalfa) would have in this state.  Contamination from RRAlfalfa to organic farms could ruin the organic farming in this state.  International markets do not want genetically engineered alfalfa and would not […]

Call to Action: June 4th, Stand with Haiti’s Farmers!

CALL TO ACTION! Join AGRA Watch Friday June 4, 2010, as we march in solidarity with Haitian farmers, who have committed to burning Monsanto’s incoming donation of hybrid maize and vegetable seeds, which have been treated with highly toxic pesticides. The Peasant Movement of Papay (MPP) has condemned the shipment, and has insisted that Haiti’s […]

Deepwater: An Unnatural Disaster on a Massive Scale

By Reid Mukai On April 20th, 2010 an explosion rocked the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, instantly killing 11 workers and injuring 15. The rig was owned by Transocean Ltd. and under contract with British Petroleum. Halliburton was contracted to perform a variety of operations on the rig including a well-plugging […]

Seattle Employment Not Harmed by NAFTA? O RLY?

Our allies at Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch posted a revealing piece on U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk’s recent visit to Seattle to meet with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) trade ministers and business executives.  Not wanting to defame the U.S. position as the harbinger of all-things-commerce, Kirk somehow suggested that our state […]

140 groups & scientists urge Senate to oppose GM clause in Global Food Security Act

See below for the press release for the Global Food Security Act, of which CAGJ signed onto! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 13 April 2010 CONTACTS: Marcia Ishii-Eiteman, PhD, Pesticide Action Network North America, 415-981-6205, ext.325; [email protected]   Annie Shattuck, Food First/Institute for Food & Development Policy, 510-654-4400, ext.223; [email protected] Kathy Ozer, National Family Farm Coalition, […]

“We Made a Devil’s Bargain”: Fmr. President Clinton Apologizes for Trade Policies that Destroyed Haitian Rice Farming

From Democracy Now!, April 1st, 2009.  Check out Democracy Now! for more great coverage of Haiti and international economic news. President Bill Clinton, now the UN Special Envoy to Haiti, publicly apologized last month for forcing Haiti to drop tariffs on imported, subsidized US rice during his time in office. The policy wiped out Haitian […]