Report-back: People Over Profit! NO TO APEC!

This weekend (July 29-30, 2023), CAGJ joined the rest of the PNW POP (People Over Profit) Coalition to bring attention to the beginning of the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) meetings, taking place this month at the Seattle Convention Center.

On Saturday, energy was high at the Peoples’ Summit, with over 400 in attendance! CAGJ gave a well-attended workshop, “We Say NO to Zillionaires! How Big Philanthropy is Shaping the Future of Food”, which included a screening of Rich Appetites film, Seeds, and a lively discussion and activities facilitated by CAGJ Director Heather and Organizer Noël Lum. Find the livestream on our Instagram!

The day was jam-packed with a keynote address by Eni Lestari of the International Migrants Alliance, a panel on Building an International Grassroots Movement Against Profit-Oriented Institutions, a ton of participatory workshops, delicious food, and a closing keynote by Katie Comfort of the International Women’s Alliance. See Livestream: Part I and Livestream: Part II

On Sunday, we mobilized! The day opened up with tabling from over 20 organizations in the Pacific Northwest. Hundreds marched from Cal Anderson Park to the Convention Center. See coverage from KIRO here, and see the livestream from the pre-march program here.


What is APEC?

Since 1989, monopoly capitalist interests have driven the seminal APEC summits, which have grown from informal economic sessions into multilateral policy-driving political struggles – worsening the conditions for workers, migrants, women, indigenous people and land defenders across the Pacific rim.

The people have consistently responded to the crisis by saying no to APEC – leading to the cancellation of a past summit and part of the greater contribution to ousting US imperialism influence of multinational corporations and their puppet leaders!

Now, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) is in Seattle this month to establish major international trade deals. The ministers and businesses involved prioritize corporate profits over people’s needs while crafting agreements that will impact over 3 billion people around the world.

The trade deal that will be the focus of these trade talks is called the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF). IPEF already includes fourteen countries, and between them, would set rules governing approximately 40% of the global economy. More countries are expected to join IPEF, too, and it could become the template for new trade deals around the world.


Upcoming events to put people over profit and APEC!

To receive the fastest, real-time updates as August mobilizations unfold, opt into our text service! TEXT “PNWPOP” TO 833-576-2920 TO JOIN!

No2APEC LinkTree

MON Aug 7, 4PM
Town Hall on “Digital Trade”

Join U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal and local and national experts for a conversation on current “digital trade” proposals and their implications for worker rights, AI discrimination, consumer privacy and anti-monopoly in the Pacific Northwest and around the globe. More info and registration.

TUES Aug 8, 12PM
Help Stop Trade Attacks on Climate Action

Please join the Washington Fair Trade Coalition and our environmental partners as we deliver a letter from roughly 200 state-and-local climate groups to government officials at the Seattle APEC meetings calling for a “Climate Peace Clause” that would end trade attacks threatening climate initiatives in Washington and throughout the world. More info and RSVP.

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