Book Launch with Vandana Shiva & Heather Day: Watch the event

Book Launch with Vandana Shiva & Heather Day:
Watch the event
If you missed the launch of the new book edited by Vandana Shiva, Philanthrocapitalism and the Erosion of Democracy, watch the one hour event, or read the transcript. CAGJ’s director Heather Day was invited to speak alongside Shiva as AGRA Watch contributed a chapter to the book about the Gates Foundation’s funding of the Cornell Alliance for Science Fellows program.

In the event, Shiva stated, “Philanthropy is basically, ‘I am privileged to have had something, and I’ll give it to you.’ The ethics of this comes from this beautiful culture of the Sikh religion, the langar, the gift of food. You don’t ask the person whom you’re giving food to What caste are you? What religion are you? You give. So philanthropy, yes. Philanthrocapitalism, we must shut our door to it because that is the big threat to life on Earth and democracy.”
Learn more about how philanthrocapitalism operates by reading the AGRA Watch investigation of the Cornell Alliance for Science, “Messengers of the Gates’ Agenda: A Case Study of the Cornell Alliance for Science Global Leadership Fellows Program”, available on our website here. Order the new book via Synergetic Press here ($19.95). We are grateful to Yes! Magazine for hosting the event: Please subscribe today!
More about the book:

“Philanthrocapitalism and the Erosion of Democracy: A Global Citizens’ Report on the Corporate Control of Technology, Health, and Agriculture details how global philanthrocapitalists like Bill and Melinda Gates and affiliated entities work to monopolize and privatize sectors of land use, food production, and public health on a global scale.

This anthology calls to account problematic initiatives that serve to corrode the integrity of democratic institutions, often under a banner of future-oriented innovation. This book lays bare the destructive power of overly capitalistic systems that enable mass human suffering and environmental catastrophe via the entanglement of private investment and public policy.”

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