Call to Action: Oppose the Cap and Trade Senate Bill 5126 in solidarity with Got Green

Artwork from Got Green, a solidarity partner of CAGJ’s Food Justice Project.

Blog post by Food Justice Project Intern Fotima Ibrokhim

Sign to oppose Senate Bill 5126! Demand a real reduction in pollution and address the root causes of the climate crisis.

The SB 5126 (Washington Climate Commitment Act) will create a cap-and-invest system, also known as “Cap and Trade,” in Washington by 2023. This initiative for climate solutions provides a “market-based” approach for businesses to create carbon offsets and energy credit programs. However, the bill fails to address climate injustice faced by front-line communities and further perpetuates environmental harm. Cap and Trade establishes increased flexibility for big fossil fuel companies like BP, Chevron, and Exxon to further pollute Seattle’s poorest neighborhoods with a false promise to invest in renewable energy infrastructure.

The Cap and Trade model has been shown ineffective in reducing carbon emissions in the state of California and has turned out to be yet another corporate capitalist “bandage” to the climate crisis. Grassroots organizations such as CAGJ, Community to Community, Familias Unidas por la Justicia, Puget Sound Sage, Sunrise Seattle, and Front and Centered are united in opposing SB 5126. 

Learn more! 

  • Read Got Green’s statement for a deeper understanding of the severity of harm that SB 5126 threatens to impose on communities already experiencing the brunt of the climate crisis in our state. 
  • Watch the Virtual Community Briefing by Front & Centered (1 hour 10 min): “Communities Solutions to Carbon Pollution – Why Cap & Trade Won’t Cut It”
  • Read policy recommendations for an equitable Carbon Tax by Front and Centered here. 

Take action! Send your Washington State Senator a message to express your opposition to SB5126 demand the people of Washington receive real, sustained and just climate policies. 

How to take action in 4 easy steps:

Sample message: 

“As a resident of Washington state, I am in opposition to the Washington Climate Commitment Act ( SB5126) because the “cap-and-invest” system will not serve communities, rather it will further perpetuate environmental racism. Much of the lasting effects of the cap-and-trade model are documented in the state of California where it was shown to be ineffective. I urge our representatives to create and support climate policy that demonstrates real, sustained and just climate policies, not ones that give more power and flexibility to private corporations to increase industry pollution. SB 5126 is far below the standards of a “good” solution to climate change because it will play out at the expense of the livelihoods of those who live in our state’s poorest neighborhoods.”

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