Make History and Vote for Climate Justice this Fall – Yes on 1631!

By Christina Rajan, FJP Volunteer

This fall, make sure you vote by Nov 6th to be part of history and pass a game-changing climate justice policy! Initiative 1631, championed by the largest and most diverse coalition in state history, (including CAGJ!), is a measure that requires polluters to pay a fee that goes directly into funding solutions to the harms they generate.

What makes this initiative so special and innovative is that it was written with communities of color leading the way. Key organizations like Front and Centered, Got Green, Community to Community Development and hundreds more environmental, business, and health organizations worked together to develop I-1631. As a result, the initiative offers solutions that are actually intersectional and equitable – a rare find in Washington ballot measures!

Imagine what a flush of new funding for climate solutions across the state can lead to! Seventy percent of the fees collected from I-1631 will go to clean energy and transportation improvements. With that, we can expand stormwater runoff infrastructure across the state so that our rivers and watersheds don’t capture pollution from our roadways. Twenty-five percent of the funds will go to healthy forest, land, and water projects. For example, we can support farmers to adopt no-till farming technology that prevents erosion and reduces the need for pesticides. Finally, five percent of the resources go back into communities bearing the most burden of climate impacts. For example, the Stillaguamish Tribe in Snohomish County could benefit from investments in fish, farm and flood management projects that reduce flood and erosion risks while creating local green, livable-wage jobs.

Help us turn this incredible policy idea into a reality! The oil industry has poured over $20 million into opposition ads against I-1631. That is A LOT to spend on a state-level initiative, and it sends a signal to climate change advocates everywhere about how important this initiative is.

Let’s pass this thing! Here’s how:

  1. Make sure your voter registration is up to date. If you recently moved or changed your name, you will have to register to vote again.
  2. Register to vote in this year’s election, either online or by mail. The deadline for online and mail-in registration is next Monday, October 8. If you miss that deadline, you have until Monday, October 29 to register in person at your County Auditor’s office (to find the list of county auditors and their addresses, click here).
  3. Register someone else to vote! Bug your friends and family- this initiative is that important to make that phone call, send that reminder text, or bring voter registration forms to your friend’s party. Unleash that civic nerd in you!
  4. Post about I-1631 on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. We need to counter the false ads and wrong information out there. (Use @yeson1631 or #yeson1631)
  5. Volunteer with I-1631 this fall! We are going door-to-door, making phone calls, and reaching out to voters across Washington to turn out for I-1631. This is our moment – join us!

Author registering voters at the Refuge Outdoor Festival, Sep. 2018

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