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I522’s exemptions were carefully crafted to be in compliance with federal and international laws. It ensures that our exports will be in compliance with standards in the 64 other countries that already require labeling. The No side doesn’t want you to know that.

I522 exemptions for deli, restaurant, and delivery food are the same ones in effect now. GMO labels will exempt only those foods which are already exempt.

I522 is written to conform with federal and state rules. In Washington state, the Department of Health has authority over food labeling, NOT the Dept of Agriculture! (just as at the federal level, the FDA has authority over food labeling, not USDA).

I522 gives the state the choice of pursuing enforcement, but is not required to do so. Anyone who has a concern or complaint about a label must give the state 60 days notice, to give the state time to decide whether it wants to intervene. After 60 days, if the state takes no action, a person then may pursue injunctive action to get a corrected label.

However, there’s no allowance for any punitive damages, so there’s no incentive for ANY “shakedown” or frivolous lawsuits.

I522 was started by 200 farmers in Eastern Washington. Many farmers (and fishing families, nurses, manufacturers and retailers) support labeling!

I522 requires GMO seeds to be clearly labeled if they contain genetically modified material. Recent export problems with alfalfa found to contain GMO underscores the need for accurate labeling of seeds.

We enjoy knowing if our salmon is farmed or wild-caught. Without labeling we won’t know whether we’re buying the recently FDA-approved GMO salmon or not!

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