Tasty, Delicious, and Local Northwest Food Finds

pnw food   This post is part of a series of posts covering topics related to CAGJ’s new book, “Our Food, Our Right.” The author, Meagan Nelson, is the Publicity Coordinator at Community Alliance for Global Justice and has a background promoting liberal causes, working in communications and outreach on campaigns for Seattle City Councilmember Jean Godden, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, and President Barack Obama. Nelson is studying  Communication, Law, Economics and Government at American University and aspires to make the sustainable food movement and its related health and environmental benefits an active political issue in American lives. 

Every region in America has its own special, unique foods. If you are unfamiliar with any local and special Pacific Northwest foods, take some time to familiarize yourself with their fresh, sharp, and unique flavors!

Located right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, natives of the Pacific Northwest love its specialty fish, meat, berries, cheeses and even ice cream!  Some iconic fish of the Pacific Northwest to try out are Pacific salmon, King crab, halibut, herring, stinkheads, and goeyduck. If you are prefer meat over fish, the Pacific Northwest also has excellent game meat that it is well-known for.  If you’re in the mood for some fresh, ripe summer produce, the Pacific Northwest has an array of juicy and delicious fruits that it prides itself on, from Washington State apples, to Rainier cherries, to Oregon state huckleberries! The Northwest also features top-notch dairy products, like sharp cheeses! There is a variety of selection, and Oregon’s signature blue cheese is a favorite. Finally, keeping true to their heritage traditions,  native Alaskans like to enjoy their native cultural ice cream, which brings together different berries, oils, and even fish! What is the secret to the Northwest’s “fresh, resilient flavors [that add spice to your life!]”, (according to OFOR contributor and urban forager Brandy Ryan)? The answer is strong foraging activity, which is so prominent in the Pacific Northwest.  A melting pot of rich flavor from unique plants and animals, Pacific Northwest Cuisine is a diverse one that you will not regret tasting!

OFOR contributer Elise Kron offers some exciting ways to try foraged foods!

Try out the following tips:

-Visit Community food gardens where people can learn to plant, grow, harvest & cook with both native and non-native fruits and vegetables

-Visit Pea Patch Gardens or small family gardens

-Participate in Native Food Restoration Projects that will help recover plants, fish, shelfish and other native food populations

-Get involved with community food banks where hunters, fisherman, and gatherers can donate extra food to elders and other community members

-Partner with private land owners that allow tribal people access to traditional harvesting areas

-Partner with local farmers who will supply produce to tribal communities

Krohn also offers up some unique and delicious foraged recipes from the Pacific Northwest! Check them out here:

Nettle Pesto

Wild Berry Tea


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